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Ordered a fleshligh STU

Ordered a fleshligh STU

I’ve wanted one for a while and my girl went to a pleasure party and was about to buy one because I always want sex and she doesnt and she could just use it on me. I wanted to increase my stamina so I thought it’s a win win situation and it’s pink, got 2 day shipping so I should have it on wed or thurs.does it actually increase your stamina?

A year ago I bought a “super-tight wonder-wave” and have found that it has helped me last longer. I use it once a week, and at first could only last a couple of minutes. Now I can go for ten to fifteen minutes before cumming. I bet that the STU would be just as good, or better.


Yes, it will help you increase your stamina. Search for Ziggaman’s thread on his quest to beating P.E. With his fleshlight !! You just have to be patient and consistent.

I have one but I’m not sure if I’m using it right. I get off way too quickly with it. It’s a matter of single digit full thrusts before point of no return.


I have a speedbump. started with a super tight and it didn’t do anything. felt good at first. then all the thrusting in the world wouldn’t get me off. So, I ordered the speedbump. What a difference. I can’t last very long with it. Still doesn’t feel as tight as Ms. shooter, but it can make me cum for sure.

If you work at holding off with that thing it will make you last longer. just try edging as long as you can.

The problem with most of us we train ourselves not to last long because we spank to get to the end. Trying to get off quickly. so then we train our bodies to shoot fast. Don’t really need a fleshlight to learn to do it. I think it feels a little more like a pussy though. A little softer of a sensation.

I also have the STU with the speedbumps but what exactly are they supposed to do? I read that they allow you to notice your sensation levels better but for me the sensation changes so dramatically that I notice nothing except feeling like I will orgasm. And when I reach like a 9/10 sensation, and I wait like 2 minutes before I reinsert, I’ll shoot back up to 9 pretty much immediately with the STU. It’s kinda frustrating that edging doesn’t work well for me. The sensation, rather the urge to orgasm, never drops once I hit high levels.

I think the speedbumps just add a more realistic sensation. It sounds pretty normal with geeting excited so fast after starting again. Just keep working at it and you’ll notice that you can last longer. I noticed that if i can stop and start about three times then the sensativity goes away quite a bit and i can last much longer. That is when I really lay it to Ms. Shooter. hehehehe

I notice the complete opposite. I’ll stop for about 2-3 minutes and the sensitivity doesn’t go away, even if I partially lose my erection. I’ve had plenty of orgasms with partial erections and they suck.

Not sure what to tell you. I guess your just way more sensetive than some.


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