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Opiates and PE


Glad to hear of your success Mr T and good luck with your studies.

I’ts good to hear of people kicking the habit, as hopefully it give strength to others to do the same.

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This is very very odd. I was going to post about this as I’m battling with opiates myself and low and behold, there is a thread about it already. SHOCK!!!!!

The best thing you can do is get off that shit as fast as possible. I’m battling with it right now. Luckily I am not the type to take 6 pills a day (vicodin ) that is. I realize that the crash and energy degredation is not worth the short buzz. I’ve been using and detoxing from opitates for 5 years since I left my daughters mother and met my wife. My X put me through the ringer and kept my kid away from me for a year with false accusations. So I became a junkie. Everything is cool now, but I’ve been off and on for years. I usually take only 4 pills a week on the weekend but it’s getting to the point where I’m detoxing Monday through Wednesday each week.

Realize this. Your taking this garbage because your own neurotransmitters are low. Seratonin and dopamine in particular. That’s why you use. If you felt good in the first place, you wouldn’t use. So, realize that what your suffering from is not just addiction, but a chemical imbalance in the first place, probably caused by a nutrient deficiency. This is commonly mis-diagnosed these days and they’ll give you zoloft or prozac. Forget using your dick if your on these things. They contain a variation of fluoride, which basically slows down synapses in the brain so you don’t have the brain power to even be depressed. The little seratonin you do have is not allowed to (take a break) if you will, so what you do have is maxxed out. Think of it as a stage act. The act is over and takes a break while another act comes on. With prozac, and the like, there is no other act. The minimal seratonin you have is not allowed to rest, furthering the problem.

Depression medication (DOES NOT) I repeat (DOES NOT) produce seratonin. This is a lie and a big one. Ask any chemist who knows what he’s talking about and they’ll agree with me. Seratonin and all the other brain chemicals are formed from amino acid precursors, mainly found in food.

So, take a look at your diet and what your eating first off. If your eating take out and eating out of boxes, 1st problem. Eat whole natural foods, good fats and lean meats and vegatables (steamed). Eat REAL butter and whole milk. 1 and 2% milk turns into sugar in the blood. Sugar will not help you but prohibit repair. Stay away from it if you can. This is a major problem for me that I have to work on. Remember what folks use to eat? Real food? Real meals? Depression these days is rampant compared to years and years ago. One might blaim the foods our grandparents use to eat for their heart attacks and strokes, but it was mostly from a sedintary lifestyle. Eat food folks, not boxed garbage. BOXED FOOD IS FOR LAZY PEOPLE. Nutrition is work. You want to eat good and feel good? Prepare to work. Eating good foods takes a lot of time. But you can learn to do it efficiently. I blend vegetables in water and drink them. I eat some healthy snacks during the day with 3 eggs in the am (best thing in the world for depression and energy) and protein for lunch and dinner with vegetables, fruits, whole grains and nuts in between. Best to eat meats alone. NO BREAD. Bread is CRAP. Water, water and more water too. Don’t go nuts, but drink 1-1.5 liters a day.

There are a bunch of amino acids which helped me from going back on zoloft. I took zoloft recently for 3-4 days and my dick was useless. No worse feeling in the world. So, I chose to educate myself and learned more about depression and what causes it biochemically than your average psychologist / psychiatrist. Those guys go to school to dispense meds. PERIOD.

There are two schools of thought to this. Medical and Naturopath. Both do not agree with each other. I’ve been both routes and the meds will DRAIN YOUR SOUL OF LIFE AND THE WILL TO LIVE. I know. I’ve been on them all. ALL OF THEM and I’m at about 90% now with diet and amino acid therapy. The opiates is the last 10% keeping from me being 100% happy and 100% energized all the time. That and smoking too. So I’ll flush the vicodins on 1/2/09 and I’ll be done with them again, hopefully for good and my natural energy will come back.

If anyone is interested in not being a lazy prick and taking the easy way out (paxil, effexor, zoloft) and the rest of the SOUL-ROBBING meds, email me and I’ll give you a protocol that will do worlds better than the CRAP these IDIOTS are feeding and poisoning the nation with. Educate yourself on the reasons you seek to get high and what has been lacking in your diet and I’ll bet that 75% of the nation can get off the crap.

This means no buzz, no booze, no drugs. Just natural foods and feeling a way that you never thought was possible. It is and it’s not found in a pill bottle, but educating yourself. It’s work. It’s one of the toughest things you’ll ever do, that is learning how and why you take drugs and how to correct it through proper nutrition, exercize and sleep. This is what God intended. This is why EVERY BUZZ COMES WITH A PRICE. Opiate addiction comes with a massive price.

The good thing about amino acid therapy is this. You get to take pills still, so you are satisfying that “junkie” inside your head. But these drugs will get you back on your feet until your body is naturally producing it’s own “feel good” chemicals through proper nutrition.

This is huge for me. I got some maca, horny goat weed, ginko, and green tea extract from 1fast400 as well as my usual amino acids for this final battle. I was doing good. Off the drugs for almost a year, then I busted my ribs and instead of throwing out the prescription, the junkie came out of the coffin and came back alive. Remember, “once a junkie, always a junkie”

If you come across pills, you must immediately flush them. You must tell family members to keep the crap away from you and to not talk about it in front of you. You must take that prescription and light it on fire as I should have. Now I’m back in the saddle again. Be strong men. You don’t need that crap and you don’t need a stupid drug to get you off another drug. At least in my case, I’m not taking 10 pills a day like some folks I’ve heard of.

I realized a valuable lesson from the get go with opiates.
1. The buzz is shortlived
2. The withdrawals are real tough
3. They drain your soul of life energy
4. They sabotage your sexual function
5. They do absolutely nothing for you

Whatever reason your taking them, you must deal with. Pigeon-holing problems in life with pills is a no-win situation. Whether it’s diet, life circumstances, you must deal with it and take 100% responsibility for your problem. Don’t think of it as a problem. Think of only one thing and that is being clean, for good and imagining how good your going to feel with vitality and walking around with a huge rod, ready to go in an instant. This can not be with opiates in your system.



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