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online dating

online dating

I have been giving this some thought as an alternative to meeting women. Was just wondering if anyone has tried any of the services out there and whether your experiences were positive or negative :)

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I love it

It helped me find a ton of girls out there. I have maybe been on 25 dates and talked with 100 girls over the period of a year.

Some places allow you a free ad but it is really limited in what you can do. The best bargains are that allow you to get a decent discount on the price for multiple months of upaid membership.

I have used Yahoo and find there site to be very poorly designed to navigate and do other thinks with it.

Match is much better with its own personal messager when you are on to say hello with.

My friend never paid for yahoo but had 20 girls find him. So he loved it. He met his current girlfriend from there a couple of months back with yahoo.

Adult Friend Finder is cool, but a lot of fake ads and such bullshit to bring you down with.

Its sister site is, it is even more deviant.

I’ll post more when I get a chance.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Hey 2in2002!

Yeah, I´ve tried a few dating sites, but mostly swedish ones so don´t have any URLs of relevance for you. The only nonswedish I tried was, it´s free to browse but you have to pay to send messages. I don´t feel that anyone should have to pay to meet someone so I don´t sponsor paysites like that.

I have dated quite a few girls from the net but am yet to find a keeper. I´m extremly picky though, maybe from fear of commitment but also because I´ve been lucky before and find it hard to lower my standards.

I have made some friends, and some mistresses, which isn´t bad at all.

It´s probably best of you´re patient and do it as a fun thing, not pushing it. Take your time and get to know a few people at the time.

The downside with datingsites is that there are so many guys on every girl, and they´re not afraid to use big words and/or outright lies to get the most attention. This usally doesn´t work in the long run or when they meet the girl IRL. So just keep your cool, don´t come on to strong, don´t agree with everything in order to please and be proud of who you are. Don´t sell out.

In my experience keeping a fairly low profile is best in the long run. I hardly ever ask for a date, I get asked, so I must do something right.

But then there are cultural differences as well, my approach mmight be totally off in US, I don´t know. You have a whole different datingculture there, with rules and everything, we don´t have that in Sweden.

For instance, I don´t believe in “buying” a girls interest. A date with me is quite simple, with conversation in focus, no extravagance. I offer to pay for dinner or whatever, like a gentleman should, but that´s about it. From my understanding most american girls would probably find me cheap for that, there´s always a lot of talk about money when dating is discussed on US films, series and tv-shows.

In my opinion anything more than buying dinner just takes focus away from me as a person and puts it on my economy. Maybe I´m odd (OK, so there´s no maybe) but I feel like that would be cheating. If I´m not good enough as I am, money or no money, then she´s not right for me anyway.

OK, so, another lenghty reply, sliding towards dating in general more than internetdating. Sorry about that.



I used Yahoo,, and aol (before it started using for it’s dating service). I do find it a decent way to meet women. The best thing to do is place your own ad. That way people are responding to you. If you instead start answering ads your chances go down (more competition). Putting a picture in your ad also will get you a lot more responces.

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Another Canadian Nickel Of Wisdom! HA!

I found that for myself I had to do another strategy. I placed an ad which I wrote the shit out of an corrected and weeded constantly. I then Placed four photographs up on of me. I tried to let the ad highlight my weird ass humor while still being descriptive and not like 2 senstances.

Then I developed a template of what i was looking for and allowed for slight deviations. I myself found that most girls never put their range of height past 6’4” which rules me right out. So I have to win them over with a responce and they investigate my profile that I attached to their reply box. They look it over and reply or don’t. I have to troll for them that way. So it kind of helps to always leave your ad up and then reply to women who had nice ads.

I’ll tell you some more tricks to keep on going into everyone’s ad boxes particularly if you use match. But that will be in my next post.

I may also tell you how men and women differ in their choices of ads and their choice of pictures, both from experience and then what i learned in my psych classes. Yes I took Women’s psych to find a girl to bang in that class!LOL!

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Canadian nickel eh? Is that like us putting in our $.02 (US) hehe.

Seriously looking forward to your part 2.

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I’ve used one and just met up with the girl. Good thing about them is that the women are desperate and are easy to score. However in her ad she said she described her body type as average, she wasn’t average, she was farely chubby which I don’t like. I picked up a chubby chick last night for the first time and hated it. I like a woman who looks after themselves.

The trick is to meet them early on so that you don’t waste much time on email and phone.

In your ad say that your romantic, sensitive, blah blah blah, make it funny and also say that you love to party. The girls I’ve shown my ad to always say that they liked it a lot.

Good luck, I think it’s worth a try.


Since you´re upset with the fact that she was on the chubby side when she describes herself as average I´m counting on that you ARE romantic, sensitive, blah blah blah, right? ;)

BTW, the word average might actually be true for a chubby girl these days :-/

I think men are even more prone than women to exaggerate their good traits on the net. Women exaggerate their looks and men exaggerate both their looks and personality. That´s my experience, personal and from girls I know who tells me about their dates.

I thought heavily obese was average these days in the decadent western world.

I use one of the sites mentioned above and its great for one night stands and quick flings with women.

Rocco, I am sensitive and romantic and even a bit blah blah but it has to be for the right girl. I am very fussy and I like a woman that looks after herslef. I am not deceptive at all with my add, I don’t think anyway. ok ok mayby I exaggerate a little but not with my adonis like looks. haha.

The average girl is a bit chubby in the western world but this chick was too chubby and she knew it.


I know what you´re saying, I´m the same way. I was just busting your balls a bit ;)

I may have a good problem :)

Well internet dating strikes again. I’m meeting up with a woman Saturday. i’m 46 she’s 43. She’s not drop dead gorgeous but she is attractive. Just hope the chemistry is there.

Because of the topic I’d like to tell you how we met. And I have talked to other women too so this does work. I have a Yahoo profile unlike most people I have a full list of my interests and pics in my yahoo profile. then I hang around Yahoo chat and instead of being the aggressor I let them contact me. too many guys in chat are always playing the agressor and by sitting back the women find me. also having actual pics and interests sets you apart from the rest so I may not have as many hits as someone else but I do have a higher quality of chat.

Now for the good problem. She made some comment about big hands and i asked why she asked. So that was how we started talking about penis size. It wasn’t a leading question, more of a lead in. Anyway she seems concerned about me being too big, she says she’s been known to put her clothes back on, then tonight she tells me she’s ben told she’s as tight as a 12 year old virgin. (She’s never had kids) Well I’m already 8” non bone pressed and 5 1/2 girth. I have a feeling if things go well I’ll have to be content with cuting back on PE except for circulation and stronger erections.

I’m kind of hoping that will be the problem, here’s hoping to the chemistry :)

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good luck hang10, let us know how it goes


You asked for an update, it took an extra week but all i can say is WOW :) :) :)

Wanted it to be right for the first time so between waiting for her monthly visit from Mother Nature to be over and my present living quarters I wanted to do it right and so we waited and got a motel room for the 1st time, it was definately worth the wait, at 43 she’s tight and my 8”1/2bp was a little too much in certain positions (nothing that we can’t deal with). Thank god she loves oral.

So I do have a good problem now I’m officially retired from hanging and going to concentrate solely on girth. I could go on and on but let’s just say I’m in Heaven now. This one’s definately a keeper. :)

"Swedish-Made Penis-Enlarger Pumps and Me: This Sort of Thing is My Bag, Baby."... Austin "Danger" Powers hang10

Congrats hang10 :-)


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