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On testical size and infertility

On testical size and infertility

I haven’t done PE in like a year. However, I have an issue pertaining sexual health, and since Thunder’s Place is a large online community dealing with PE and other things that have been helpful to me in the past I thought I’d ask my question here.

As of now I don’t plan on getting married until my late 20s, and I don’t plan on having children until my early 30s. As a nearly 21-year-old marriage and chilren are a long way off. However, I’m still worried about my fertility.

My testicals are small. Not much cum is released when I orgasm, even if I’ve waited three days. I measured my testicals yesterday. I measured at 2.4 cm in height and 4.2 in length. The wikipedia page says the average testical height is 3 cm (1.2”) and 5 cm (2”) in length.

Will I be infertile and unable to have children? Are there any older members here who have small testicals but were still able to have children?

I did a google search for small testicals and fertility. I came across a message board in which someone made a thread saying that he was having unprotected sex with his wife for a couple of months; she was unable to get pregnant. He wondered if his small testicals had anything to do with it. Several respondents said they, too, had small testicals and were infertile. So I’m really worried about my fertility.

Well since you haven’t been doing PE lately, you can pick up on TE and get you some big ol balls. Nah man I’m sure you will be alright. You got to remember it is actually quite difficult to get a woman pregnant. I have never really worn a condom and have always thought of myself to not be able to have kids. Sure enough I’m 23 (in three days) and my wife is just about in her second trimester. It differs person to person so much I would not really think that the size of your testicles means much.

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Give the supplements section a good read, there’s quite a few items you can use that will boost fertility. Including sperm mobility, overall load size, sperm health and a few others. Also lots of kegal exercise will boost your firing power and amount; not to mention PE will increase your size and length, thus you’ll go deeper in and spread the vaginal walls tighter against your member. With the increase in size, your sperm have less distance to travel to reach the cervix for when she orgasms, and thus more likely to make it into the womb and then the egg.

Also, you can always go see a urologist, they may have some medication or methods to increase your ejaculate storage systems if they’re by some chance underdeveloped.

There is a correlation in the animal kingdom between ejaculation frequency and testicle size. More ejaculations leads to larger testicles able to produce more sperm.

“More ejaculations” don’t lead to larger testicles. If they did, a lot of us would look like freaks. :)

Since you are some time off from baby-making, that leaves you a lot of time to worry about something that may not be a worry at all. Talk to your regular doctor who can recommend you have a semen analysis done - very easy and not expensive. Your insurance will probably cover it, in fact, if your doctor refers you. That way you’ll know exactly where you stand and can maybe change your status in the unusual event that your sperm count is low.



Smaller testicles are not necessarily a sign of infertility. The only way to prove your fertility is a blood test (endocrine system) and a spermiogram.

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Originally Posted by michaelhorsley
There is a correlation in the animal kingdom between ejaculation frequency and testicle size. More ejaculations leads to larger testicles able to produce more sperm.

Individuals don’t evolve, only populations. That’s the reason why if you masturbate more, it won’t lead to bigger balls. That’s also the reason why other animal species have larger/smaller balls. Animals that have one partner usually have smaller balls; animals that get around have a lot going on for them down there so to speak.

And to answer your question: you’re most likely perfectly fine. Most of what constitutes cum isn’t sperm itself, so if you don’t have a lot, it’s not a reason to worry. A semen analysis would answer your question with crystal clear clarity.

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