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Oh my god... is this the start of ED?

Oh my god... is this the start of ED?

Met a girl and we’ve been dating and hanging out a bit.

Last night we finished off about a 3/4 bottle of Jack Daniels… I also forgot to eat dinner and was definitely feeling under the influence.

We get upstairs and start going at it, eventually I get the OK to go.

However, a few minutes later… I go soft.

Couple of contributing factors (in my opinion):

1) Past few years, sex has been irregular for me (full time single dad)

2) I was pretty darned intoxicated

3) She said she couldn’t feel much with the condom (common, but hearing it the wrong way may think it’s a size thing (I’m 6.5 x 4.5 or so), so I had to pause, pull out, and take it off.

4) She then mentioned she doesn’t come vaginally and has to do it herself.. All my ex’s had orgasms with me, this would be a first.

For #4, we had just gotten started, so it wasn’t anything about me, I think she was just being courteous so that I wouldn’t be hurt if I didn’t give her an O.

She started crying after it happened thinking it was her (and it was probably something like that but not directly her fault), so I soothed her over. AFter some more kissing and hanging out, I’m ready to go again..

But after a few minutes, it happens again and I’m just left there kind of confused and bewildered…

Part of me wants to think this is just ol whiskey dick and nothing to worry about… part of me thinks the past year or two spent mostly masturbating to porn has made personal intimacy more difficult as a result (no constant stimulation, etc.)

Any thoughts? I can’t go out like that.. this was a definite blow to the ego…

Worrying about it while just give you a complex and may actually cause psychogenic ED, it’s probably any of the factors you stated and not anything physical.

99.9% safe to say there is nothing PHYSICALLY wrong with you.

If you’ve got access to a small dose of an ED drug it may help get a good experience and break the cycle before it gets any worse, otherwise just make sure to have sex sober.

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Whiskey dick .Lay off the heavy drinking.

and everything will be great.

One or two drinks are alright .

Whiskey dick and performance anxiety.

All the above. Not to mention, sounds like maybe this woman might be the problem. I wouldn’t worry about it. Try having sex with someone you know, I bet the problem goes away.

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Originally Posted by Big Girtha
All the above. Not to mention, sounds like maybe this woman might be the problem. I wouldn’t worry about it. Try having sex with someone you know, I bet the problem goes away.

I really like her and hope she sticks around, but I do have to admit.. I’m not particularly welcoming the challenge of being with a woman who hasn’t been able to orgasm via sex before.

However, she’s got an amazing body, but seems to have self-esteem issues for some reason. I’m hopeful that once I can at least get my performance at a normal level, we can explore each other deeper and hopefully unlock that for her…

But thanks for the encouraging words.. my father is impotent and unable to achieve erection, even via pills due to prostate issues and I think I was over-worried. Not even 30 yet and though a check in the future isn’t a bad idea, I don’t think that’s what this was.

Funny when it happened, the one place I felt comfortable sharing, was here at TP. This forum has always been a go-to for the kinds of questions one might be embarrassed about asking elsewhere. :)

Of course, not saying you should dump her, or even give up on her. Just saying maybe you should try getting with someone you’ve had good sex with to test your equipment, so to speak. If the problem only exists with the new girl who has obvious sex issues, then you will be in a better position to help her work those issues out.

Keeping you blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol in check really helps if the problem you are experiencing are the early stages of ED. But go for the psychological hurdles first. Performance anxiety can really be a bitch, especially with a partner who has sexual issues. You knew this going in, so that was added to the steps you knew it would take to get her off from the beginning. Add to that a pint of Jack and the deck is already stacked against you.

You may not even have a problem, but you are right about this forum. Best therapy money can buy.

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Whiskey dick, I have it. Just stay sober!

And ask her to teach you how to get her off.

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Originally Posted by nigret
I’m not particularly welcoming the challenge of being with a woman who hasn’t been able to orgasm via sex before.

What does she mean exactly? Does she want to rub herself while you’re in her. That’s hot.

My wife describes that when she was yong and having sex was novel, she might climax from a penis alone. Now that she’s had so much variety, she likes clit rubbing during intercourse. It’s not that the penis alone feels less good, she’s not as emotionally swpt up by it because she knows there is something more.

Women have to want to climax and release their mind to let it happen. The only time my wife comes that nobody’s touching around her clit is when I’m slipping fingers into her along with my penis to press my glans up against her g-spot.

Ok hoping I have a similar problem! And I’m only 24!!

Over the last 2 years I’ve noticed that I haven’t got erections like I used too. I used to get them almost whenever I day dreamed about sex, then that started to fade and then porn was the go and that then started to fade. I could always get it up 100% for sex though, even when drunk! Until the other week!! Took a girl home while on holiday and wasn’t nervous but couldn’t get it up until I tried for like 20mins and then it wasn’t that hard. Very embarrassing. After that I was having panick attack and didn’t wanna risk it with another girl so I did a personal first and saw a hooker. Could barely get it up with her she even asked if I was nervous, I guess I was cause I was scared of getting arrested too haha but then next nyt picked up another girl to have a final try, got it up and thought I was all good, but once I put a condom on it was not that hard like 70%, does that happen to other guys? That condom kills it for you. I have been so stressed about it so I went to the doctors. He said there are no options but to take Viagra or Cialis I think it is which is not what I wanted to here. He’s ordered blood tests to check testosterone etc cause I did a cycle of roids about a year ago.

I’m really fit and eat really well so I am guessing at my age is must just be a mental thing?
Could it be a circulation thing? I notice I in the last 6 months have got dead arms and legs all the time. They go numb so easily.

Atm I’m hoping it’s mental but I’m seeing a girl I really like and want to sleep with her soon. You guys reckon I should just take a pill so I break the bad mental cycle and can go on Strong from there? I might try sleep with a girl I’ve had great sex with before just to test the waters.

Any positive advice would be helpful. Cheers

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