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Odd problem


Odd problem

Hey all, I have a weird prbblem.

My cock is too hard!!! It gets really full of blood, or maybe it’s because of my injury?? Near to the glands is where it is hardest (on either side just below the glands are really hard points that can not be squashed in with pressure AT ALL! In normal cases this would be a good thing - but it is way too hard and feel uncomfortable to hold. Is there a way to soften it up without loosing the power and firmness?

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This is a problem? My dick gets as hard as a rock when fully aroused. No possible way to do any kind of bend or jelq. I have a little softness in the glans but that’s it. I thought this was normal, not a problem.

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Is there any point to this question? My cock is too hard? BOO HOO !

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Glans, not glands. Glands are organs that secrete things like hormones or saliva. The glans of the penis is the head.

This is normal for most 19 year olds. Why do you think it’s a “problem?”

Ive had the same problem cider. In my case, most of the blood which usually went into the glans is blocked, and therefore there is a huge amount of pressure in the shaft. Ive stopped peing for a few weeks, seems to improve very slowly.

Damn, I wish I had your “problem”.

When you get older you’ll wish for the days of your dick was this hard. Enjoy it and USE IT.

Mine has always been like that. I will get so hard that it almost hurts (the head that is). My wife has even made comments about it saying she has never seen one get that hard. I just reply to her saying that she turns me on that much and it puts a big smile on her face. :)

It never bothers me though and I had just assumed that it was normal.

Sounds more like a dream come true than a problem.

I never considered it a problem, but I certainly missed it when those days were gone.

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This is an odd “problem”
I have a few as well I’d like to lodge.:who:

My dick is to long, my wife can’t take it all the way down when giving oral!! woe is me!.;(
I make to much money and it makes me feel guilty `:-)
I am way too good looking and women keep hitting on me! (Only reason it’s a “problem” is I’m married):'
I look 10 years younger than I am. (I’m 32 if I posted a picture you would guess 22):shrug:
I have more talent then I deserve.
I am way to modest
And my dick gets really really hard as well!!:-Y

Well I feel better.

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No, you all definately misunderstood me and got very cocky, lol.

It is harder because of an injury and hurts to masturbate. The bottom and top of my penis is hard but okay, the sides of my penis is where my cock is widest and feels like a solid bone. My dick is shaped like ( ) intead of round and I wondered if this is because of the injury and extra hardness there?

Previously known as rundown.

What injury? You post so many complaints I can’t keep up.

No need for that westla, no point replying if you ain’t gonna help me out. I would rather ask advice from my tin of salmon here.

Previously known as rundown.

Anyone know if boiling eggs for 4 -5 mins reduces the amount of good protein from the whites? I don’t wanna risk eating them raw because I have so many and worry about salmonella. (sorry if I spell this incorrectly).

Previously known as rundown.

Originally Posted by CiderMan
Anyone know if boiling eggs for 4 -5 mins reduces the amount of good protein from the whites? I don’t wanna risk eating them raw because I have so many and worry about salmonella. (sorry if I spell this incorrectly).


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