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Numbing cream thread

Numbing cream thread

Many years I used Zoloft with amazing results to treat my premature ejaculation.
I won’t take Zoloft any more because of the side effects, but I would enjoy finding an alternate solution to increase my intercourse time.

Penis exercises help reduce my premature ejaculation somewhat, but I want more.

So I have started this thread to discuss numbing creams.
I’d like to hear about your experiences using numbing creams to delay ejaculation.
I’d like to hear about the best products and how well they work.

I suppose I’d like to find something that would let me get going and have sex for 30 minutes. Knowing I’m going to come in five minutes just takes all the fun out of it.

Then I suggest you do a thorough search around here, find the best posts and post them in this thread with links to the threads. Like sta-kool did with the water pumping thread.

regards, mgus

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I had problems with premature ejaculation in the past, until I stopped using any lubricant when I masturbated. For some reason, exclusively masturbating dry eliminated this problem when I was having sexual intercourse with women.

However, more to the topic of numbing creams. I found them to be effective. They are all quite similar in that they are topical cream formulations of local anesthetic agents like Benzocaine, Procaine, Lidocaine, etc. They all work.

I think the key is in how to apply these creams. None of them will work if you just apply them immediately prior to intercourse. As a result, the sex must be somewhat planned out or timed.

The cream needs to stay in contact with the skin about 1-2 hours to have an adequate anesthetic effect. Here is how I used the cream effectively:

About 1-2 hours before planned sexual activity, apply a generous amount of cream to the sensitive area of the penis, usually the frenulum and part of the glans. Do not apply to the entire glans or the entire penis, since this will make it impossible to feel any stimulation and difficult to maintain an erection.

Cover the cream with a single ply of toilet paper and then loosely wrap with a cohesive bandage, such as Co-Ban or other sports wrap. This bandage dressing should not be tight; it is simply designed to keep the cream from being wiped off for the next 1-2 hours.

After 1-2 hours, remove the bandage and clean the area. Residual cream is undesirable as it may have a bitter taste or anesthetize your partner.

That’s all there is to it!

Lidocaine is extremely potent. Isn’t there something a little less potent that could be used?

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