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Not eating dairy products dramatically reduces staying power

Not eating dairy products dramatically reduces staying power

Has anyone noticed a link between premature ejaculation and eliminating or reducing dairy products from their diet?

In September 2009, my staying power received wild compliments from N., and I would last for 20-30 minutes, no problem. In January 2010, with the same girl, I would only last a few minutes (less than 5) without a condom. Now in March, with a tighter girl, I usually last for at most 2 minutes without a condom. Worse, ejaculation delay cremes like ManDelay don’t work. Trojan’s Climax Control condoms do work, but I need two of them. Anyway.

I happened to keep a broad log of my diet and what changed from October to January was that I greatly reduced milk products from my diet, to see if my acne improves (it barely did, on the face, not at all on the back). Other than that, I can’t seem to notice changes in my lifestyle.

While searching the forum for “premature ejaculation”, I found a thread (“I’ve cured my premature ejaculation”) where the OP says how taking Paxil (a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor, SSRI) delayed his ejaculation from 3 minutes to 20 minutes. On a hunch, I googled “milk serotonin” and it turns out that milk contains an amino-acid called tryptophan, which metabolizes into serotonin.

However, Wikipedia’s entry for tryptophan dietary sources shows that chicken and salmon also have plenty of tryptophan (3 times more than milk -, and I *have* been eating those meats.

So, has anyone else correlated avoidance of dairy products with reduced staying power? Any vegetarians maybe?

I’ll be checking up on this thread, very interesting.

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I’ve been on a dairy-free diet for many years (milk fat makes me fart — real smelly ones) and premature ejaculation is not my issue at all. Getting there in less than 30 minutes is hard though. It’s great fun (except for my wife) working up to blowing my load. Sometimes I can delay it for a couple of hours when going solo. However, there are times when I have a short window of opportunity and I’d like to cum quickly, like in 12-15 minutes, but can’t. That can be a real bugger.

I’m interested in what you say about seratonin though. Lately, I’ve been taking melatonin to help me sleep. Melatonin is a precursor to seratonin. My EQ has gone down the plug hole. I’ve been blaming overdoing PE. Maybe that isn’t the culprit at all.

I liked what Melatonin does — overcomes jet lag (resets your body clock), helps you sleep, gives you a permanent suntan (my skin is so fair I glow in the dark) — lots of pluses. Now I wonder. EQ is more important that all these.

Can dairy improve staying power

Originally Posted by RickM
Melatonin is a precursor to seratonin.

Wikipedia says that actually serotonin is a precursor to melatonin. Sorry, I don’t know much about biochemistry.

Originally Posted by RickM
I liked what Melatonin does — overcomes jet lag (resets your body clock),

You can overcome jet-lag in one day with a very cool body hack: fast for 12-16 hours before the intended wake-up time, then have a solid breakfast. More information at…cle-stop-eating. News: and…vel-jetlag.html - the latter being the only one who has the decency to link to the original study:…t/320/5879/1074

Anyway, back to topic: has anyone noticed decreased staying power being associated with lower consumption of dairy?


Happy update.

I reintroduced dairy in my diet 3 weeks ago. Nothing excessive, just 2 pieces of sliced cheese for the breakfast sandwiches, then ~200g yogurt with cereal in the evening roughly every other day. Random string cheese. I also started taking zinc picolinate 10 days ago, but zinc is not supposed to delay ejaculation (rather it improves the testosterone situation).

So today, three weeks later, I had my first threesome (woot), and I lasted like a stud (girls complained I didn’t come). One of the girls was the same in which I couldn’t last more than 2-3 minutes. On the downside, my EQ wasn’t that good (a bit worse than usual). Hopefully that was because of the novelty of the situation, or because I’ve been having very little sleep for the past weeks(6h / night, 7 if lucky).

I really hope it’s the dairy -> tryptophan -> serotonin mechanism but the girls were also extremely turned on, and not tight at all.

I’ll keep you posted.

…1. Try the regimen (Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5%). (or something similar).

2. … I do love melatonin.

3. Interesting.

So if this proves out, I really blew it.

10 years ago I was like numb and it took me 45 minutes to climax during intercourse and I never climaxed from oral. Retarded ejecalation, I guess you’d say; the opposite of premature ejaculation.

Like an idiot I restored my foreskin when all I really needed to do was cut out milk, ice cream, salmon, and turkey.

I also have acne on my face and I’ve been avoiding dairy products. Seems to help.

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Originally Posted by Jawbone
… I do love melatonin.

Me too. I’ve been taking half a melatonin now for several years about half an hour before I fall asleep. Apart from helping to reset the body clock when travelling, it helps me to sleep and gives me a light suntan. Without melatonin, I have a skin that glows in the dark and does not tan easily. When I travel, I take three tablets for three days, two for two days one for one day, then my regular half. I get jet lag only very rarely now.

The down side to melatonin is that I dream much more vividly than before. That in itself it OK, but occasionally I act out my dreams in my sleep and some of them are quite violent. I have learned to sleep with my back to my wife … .

I love dairy products! Especially from sheep and goats. But I eat and drink a high fat, dairy rich diet when training hard; it’s what my body thrives on. I’ve never noticed any link between my dairy intake and staying power.

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