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Nose Surgery


Originally Posted by joey999
It sounds like we’ve had very similar experiences, except mine was with my penis. I had enlargement surgery back in the days before thunders etc existed. I was just a young guy who was hugely insecure about his size and sadly didn’t have the resources to research other alternatives (back in 1997 the internet wasn’t what it is today!). The surgery was a disaster and like you I went through hell was ended up on various anti depressants. The trouble is PE surgery is very rare and so few surgeons perorm it world wide. It isn’t like Rhino when there are thousands of surgeons and in an advanced stage with many experts who can reconstruct. There are about less than 10 PE surgeons in America and to be honest they aren’t exactly the cream of the medical proffession. As a result my reconstruction options are limited and for the last decade I’ve had to deal with it. Like you described from your own experiences, it totally rules my life and though I try and look to others who have it far worse off than me, at the end of the day I’m so obssessive about this, that I can’t function as I’d like. Hence I feel terrible about myself, especially when i see people in wheel chairs etc, making the best of what they have, when I’m an intelligent (reasonably anyway), fit young guy, with great family and friends, seemingly with every thing going for me, yet I let something so trivial as a small (and now sadly deformed) penis ruin my life.

Writing about and sharing the pain we feel can have a therapeutic effect on the writer ( as he gets it out of his system) but I think it also helps those that are reading so thanks for sharing that story (not necessarily the misery loves company cliche but the thought did cross my mind) If it makes whatever we are going through a little more bearable; it’s worth the effort. We are a brotherhood here and brothers can and do lean on each other for emotional support.

I’ve read a few horror stories about PE surgery on Thunders so there may be others here who can directly relate to what you went through. I can only imagine that having even more surgery is a very hard decision to make and not a decision that you can make overnight. I sincerely hope that Thunders is able to offer you and others some degree of solution (if not the full solution) but this too can vary with the individual and the effort they make.
Surgery of any kind is always a gamble but some surgeries carry more risk than others (as you clearly pointed out)

With the promise of stem cells and genetic engineering of body parts in the not so distant future; it’s possible that there may be some light at the end of the tunnel. Either that or advanced techniques will lessen the risk of PE surgery.
One of the reasons I was holding out on going that extra yard on the nose is because I figured that some day they might be able to grow the exact bone and cartilage tissues that were in my nose; though I do think such a technology would have better applications for people looking to enlarge or replace penile tissue. Penile tissue is very specific in its composition and function whereas any tissue and/or bone thats similar to the original nasal tissue can serve as a frame work for the nose. We are fortunate to live in an age where medical technology can be advanced enough to bring hope to many in similar situations.

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I would give it a miss altogether to be honest. However my parents just came back from the States and I rememebr them telling me how looks oriented society was, and how there seemed to be so many tanned, white teethed, buffed out people walking down the street. We’re now being sold the line that plastic surgery can help you with your career .. this is perfect for men because it somehow justifies it.

I would advise you to really think about it. Also, read forums on plastic surgery. Take note of the posts telling you what you DONT want to hear. The nose is very delicate and a lot can go wrong. The swelling also lasts for a long time, and can be uneven, not to mention other permanent mishaps which can happen. Just be careful

Definitely be careful, it’s still a big deal and it is surgery. The swelling takes 6 months to totally go away, and you want to make sure your surgeon won’t leave you with a non functioning upper lip.

We do live in a vain society, I wouldn’t disagree with that. You also can’t deny business don’t consider a person’s appearance before a hiring/promotion. If haircuts matter at the lowest levels of employment, at higher levels personal appearance can really help your job advancement. From being in better shape (studies have shown obese people get paid less than their healthy equals), to physically trying to fit the mold of what our society deems “normal”.

I do NOT think that someone should get plastic surgery for the SOLE reason that think it will get them a better job. If a guy felt fine with how he looked, but thought his boss wanted him to have a stronger chin, getting it done would be absolutely ridiculous. My view is you need to want it 100% for your own reasons, the rest is extra credit that may or may not be valid.

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It’s not about getting a job. I guess it’s just other reasons.

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Nothing wrong with repairing anything broken, especially in your situation with the breathing having been impaired. Insurance should cover the whole thing, because of that. You shouldn’t see this as perfectionism, its just a desire to return your appearance to its pre-injury state. That’s completely normal, psychologically. I saw forget these fears of what others might think, do what you want to do to be more comfortable and have your own original nose back.

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