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No sexdrive??

No sexdrive??

I have a problem, a huge problem. I´m not horny at all. I´m 19 and in my age I should be horney all the time. I might be able to get off about once a week, but if I try to masturbate more than that I don´t feel anything at all.

Anybody got similar problems?, because this is really worrying me. At first I thought it was just temporary, but now I don´t even remember last time I was able to shoot a load two days in a row ( without using porn). I hear from my friends how they jerk of two times a day and how they got morning wood a so fort. I´ve heard about problems with cumming with during sex, but not beeing able to while masturbating? This is freaking me out.

Paxil? Zolof?

I don’t remember if I have ever shot a load while masterbating without porn or a naked woman laying in front of me (or on top of me). I don’t think you are abnormal because of that. I think it’s pretty impressive you have friends that can get off not using porn. Now if you don’t want to have sex at all, that may be a problem. But not getting off without porn doesn’t seem like too big of an issue to me. Maybe there is something wrong with me too…lol.


Can you tell more about in what way this is a problem for you, what are the consequences you have experienced? There are extremely large variations in sex drive, most likely you are perfectly normal. As Tork mentioned, certain drugs can have that side-effect but don’t worry about it too much. My own interest in women and sex awakened roughly at the age of 20, before that I had no idea what everyone was raving about and did not care, I had my friends of both sexes.

If you don’t want to have sex, consider you self lucky ;)

In other case, you might just not get enough of some vitamins, like calcium, iron, zinc or copper or something

in your diet. Food has alot to do with it. Also time of month, guys have periods just like women.

I say count your blessings son. Wacking off eight times a day isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


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