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No precum


I’ll resurrect this old thread to share my excitement about what just happened to me: pre-cum!!!

In the past I tended to produce very little to none. Then today, I was kind of edging, kind of just getting hard to see what my gains looked like after last night’s PE session. I had been hard for a while, wasn’t close to cumming, and all of a sudden, there it was! A teaspoon-sized dose of clear liquid. There was no orgasm associated with this, and I stayed hard and everything as long as I wanted to (edging session).

This was especially exciting to me because the volume was actually as large as what my regular ejaculation sometimes is (I think I must have an under-active prostate or something).

The big question is whether this will be a regular occurrence for me, and what techniques led to it. I believe I have answer to the latter question: I’ve been taking supplements (l-arginine, lecithin, and an herbal prostate supplement called prosta-max), and I recently started vacuum pumping.

Anyway it was like a religious experience to me, and I can’t wait to have it happen in a girl’s mouth before sex!

I'm a disciple of science.

Glad to hear you’re finally able to pre-cum. Have you been able to reproduce it since or was this a one time thing?

How long have you been taking the supplements and at what dosage levels?

Originally Posted by BigBear
This should probably be for another thread, but does anyone find that once pre-cum is visible, they are not far off the point of no return?

Not 100% true.

Sometimes I also just pre-cum from just looking & thinking about something.So it can happen anytime for me.

I can even get a pre-cum shot, that has only happened a few times.

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I have missed having precum when having prostate massaged. Wish I could. I know some guys can have it very easily.


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