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Newbie Question

Newbie Question

I have a question that some of you might think is stupid but I’m still going to ask. Today I was “moisturizing my unit” and I discovered something new. I was pressing on that spot between my asshole and balls which I know is called the BC muscle. The thing is that I thought I knew where it was, I used to clinch what I think now is my PC. Can you force blood by squeezing your PC? Cause this is what I think I was doing. But tonight I started to push a little, almost like I was trying to force a shit out but kinda different, and I was able to force a little blood in my cock, but not as much as when I squeezed my pc. When I pushed I felt that spot between my legs swell up a little. The orgasm was a little better too. So could it be that this whole time I was using the wrong muscle? Help!

The anatomy is explained, fairly well if I may say so, in this thread: Locating the bc muscle. The PC (pubococcygeus) muscle is a broad flat sheet that comes nowhere near your penis. It’s main use is to keep your abdominal contents in your abdomen and to aid in retraction of the anus and rectum after defecation. The BC (bulbocavernosus, also called bulbospongiosus) surrounds the bulb of the penis (see this: 3corpora.jpg) and is the muscle contracted with the Kegel exercise.

The nerves that control contractions of the muscles “down there” tend to stimulate everything until you learn to contract individual muscles. So you may have been contracting the BC when you thought it was something else. Or pressure from the contraction of the anus or rectal muscles could push against the bulb of the penis which would give the same result.

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