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New Guy Alert.

New Guy Alert.

Greetings all. I started out my quest over at the PE forum (Big Al’s free forum). Here is my story if any are interested.

I have had a PE problem my whole sexual life (pre-mature ejaculation). Approx 4 months ago I went to see my doctor about it subsequent to my wife having an affair :(

The good Doctor told me to try a fraction of the Prozac my wife was on, which I did and what do you know instead of lasting 10 or so pumps I could last about 2 minutes! What a fucking waste I thought and went back. The Doctor this time told me I could either jack off prior to having sex or try a method that involved squeezing the shit out of the trout right below the head. Both of these ideas along with the worthless drug Prozac really tanked my head. I started to search the internet for PE (Pre-mature ejaculation) and somehow stumbled onto the PE forum where I met DLD / RB / Pan and several other cool folks. At first I thought that PE was bull shit but being that it was free I started reading and concluded I should give it a try.. I really felt stupid while performing the first workout but after the 1st week was over I realized that these guys were on to something.

My ejaculation problem is getting better and I even made it once about 25 minutes before shooting which I can still hardly believe. It’s really odd that at times I dont last that much longer then I used to but other times I can go and go and go. If anyone knows of a good way to fight quick ejaculation please say so!

I started out with 8” NBP x 6.5” (middle shaft) and after three aggressive months I can now muster an 8.5 BPEL measurement with just under 8.25 ELNBP. I guess it’s safe to say I’m not a fast gainer by any means and if my very slow gains turn into a plateau then it will most surely be a long hard slog to my goal of 9” x 7” NBP. I thought I had hit 9” last week but realized I was cheating by pointing the trout down and straightening out the slight upward bend. I’m now measuring standing up with the trout straight out.

After 3 months I have noticed the following things from PE

A) Much harder erections, I mean alot.

B) My premature ejaculation problem is much better but still there.

C) My dick feels and looks bigger, especially with a cock ring.

I’m in this for the long haul and hope to cure my ejaculation problem mainly but will not scoff at any gains in size LOL.

Hey regularwhiteguy

Great post man!

Congratulations on finding out about PE, it obviously made a big change for you. Lucky PE means both premature ejaculation and penis enlargement :)

I laughed when I read about you feeling silly performing the jelqing for the first time. I felt the same, 15 months ago, I was glad that none sees me and making a fool out of my self will remain my secret. But then came the gains and the rest is history…

Keep up the good spirit, you are on the right track.

Thanks, reading your post made my day.

ù ì å í



Please forgive the abbreviation of your name, but it is easier to type :) .

Go read in the Men’s Sexual Health Forum about Kegels and reverse kegels. Those should help you with the premature ejaculation problem. They do take practice, but it is worth it. That is what the MSHF is for, questions just like yours. And that is why I moved it, just as soon as that feature gets turned on. :o

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:


You should change your name to bigwhiteguy, please don’t tell me that your size is regular after it took me 2 years to get almost to your size.


rwg wrote:
“The good Doctor told me to try a fraction of the Prozac my wife was on, which I did and what do you know instead of lasting 10 or so pumps I could last about 2 minutes! What a fucking waste I thought and went back. The Doctor this time told me I could either jack off prior to having sex or try a method that involved squeezing the shit out of the trout right below the head.”


Seems too me that going from just 10 strokes, how many seconds is that?, to 2 minutes is a major improvement. [Keep that very low dose of SRRI anti-depressants in mind, guys with premature ejaculation issues]. But if you can now sometimes go for 25 min., you are way ahead of a lot of us.

If the PE excercises are extending your time gradually, you’ll probably find you’ll have even more control as you continue.

As Sunny said, Kegels do help a lot, once your PC muscle is in good shape.

Something that really helps in holding off is to develope a real clear signal system with your partner; specific squeezes, verbal messages, or whatever to let your partner know you are getting close to crossing the line. Problem is, no matter how well we learn to control ejaculation, certain movements on the other side feel so good they can tip us over that thin line.

This is something you two have to talk about ahead of time and learn to do together. “When I squeeze your shoulders this way, that means STOP ALL MOVEMENT NOW.” (Alternatively, for the creative, “When I draw a Golden Retreiver in the air with my left hand, that means STOP ALL MOVEMENT NOW.” You can figure our your own system, but you have to talk about it. And you can have some good fun doing that. She’ll no doubt decide she has some signals of her own, but save that until you can reliably last awhile. It’s men who usually require far less time/strokes before they get off and it’s they who need the training.

Once you have yourself together, you’ll be able to do all kinds of marvelous things for her. This takes time and practice. You’re doing fine. Stay with it.




I took that name off one of the vendors who visits our company… Seemed that he always had a flashy girlfriend (and I mean Hottie’s to the extreme). I asked him what the fuck he had over the rest of us he smiled and said’

“it sure aint my girth, it’s all in the head, it’s attitude, 100% attitude, I’m just a regular white guy”.

I’m 6’ 1” around 190lbs with broad shoulders / swim and lift weights. When I compare my prick with the rest of my body it seems regular to small to me.. The only time it looks big and feels big is if I’m in a 69 with the wife and look into the mirror… Aside from that when I was in the military I did a DP on a whore with a good friend. He had one of those dicks that looked like a mushroom cap that stuck out straight out maybe two inches from his body.. Well, when he got his trout into fighting shape it was fucking huge in both length and girth, significantly larger then mine at least… I felt regular next to that guy LOL… I’m just glad he wasn’t gay being that he was alot stronger then me…

If he was stronger than you and gay, were you thinking he would overpower you or something?



Ya, exactly, he seemed really interested in looking at everything very close.. The guy was stronger then an ape and brutal LOL. Cool guy who joined special forces…


Thanks for the information on the name. Just to let you know we have a few gay well respected guys on the board so please watch any gay jokes. I just want to let you know so no pissing contests get started. We try to keep it one big happy PE family.


No problem with me on that…


You seem like a good guy, with some interesting stuff to share. I just didn’t want you to accidentally step on anybodies toes. I read your post’s on the peforum and I’m glad you joined thunders also. The boards are very much the same but different.


Dino and Avocet,

Couldn’t figure out what you (Dino) was talking about but re-read my posts and think I got it… Let me say this differently with some history behind it…

The friend of who I speak was taller / outweighed me and could bench press 365lbs about 7 times / he also did squats (not sure how much weight but alot), in other words, he was fucking strong! Previous to the Military he was active in wrestling and had the trophys to prove it….

Previous to the group activity I participated with him in I was at his barraks drinking beer with him and his room-mate when his room-mate started bitching about this zit he had on his back (These two guys didn’t get along very well), to make a long story short I guess my friend got tired of listening to this guy bitch about his zit…

Now to add more to backdrop of this tale this other guy was a big dude as well (alot bigger then me and also lifted weights)… Anyway, with my mouth open I watched my bud “overpower” this other guy and remove his shirt / pin him on his stomach and pop this zit with one hand / the other guy was pissed off / red and sweating his ass off….

Now, I had this image going through my head when me and my friend taged this girl, I simply thought that if he snapped and wanted to have his way with me there would not have been alot I could have done to prevent it LOL!

I ment nothing derog about gay people and offer my simple apology to anyone I may have offended with my post… Perhaps I should change my handle to “dullwhiteguy” LOL….

rwg, or do we call you dwg? :-)

I was wanting to know where you were going with your trend of thinking in that story and now I think I understand.

Chances of your being taken advantage of in that way, outside a prison, are about as high as a lightening strike. Getting beat up in some aggravated situation, the attacker’s sexual orientation aside, is another movie.

Now that we’ve covered that, weren’t we talking about premature ejaculation or something like that?



Yep, we sure were… After doing some more reading on the internet and checking this forum out under the search feature I’m going to persure “hypno therapy”… I have made some great gains in staying power but if there is even a slight chance that hypnosis may add to my gains in this most needed area I’m going to go for it.. Maybe, just maybe it will be the fix… BTW, the thing you mentioned in your previous reply to my post did happen to me, only drugs were used… I still hold no grudges as I’m still alive…


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