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Nerve Damage or pressure damage NOT ED

Nerve Damage or pressure damage NOT ED

Hi guys I want to talk about nerve damage often confused for ED which is brought about stretching too far or too long leads to this condition then one blames the dick as non responsive.

There is no known immediate cure for this condition basically lack of sensation in the whole or part of your dick . the cure mag be long period of rest for your dick until the neurones retake their previous paths and the neurone system is fully recovered so yes not to confuse for ED.

It may have exactly the same symptoms as ED but the cure path is entirely different and no pills ever help this condition. So beware of uncontrolled pressures on your precious dicks

Yo man I think I have something to explain for the loss of sensation when doing stretch based exercises. When we are doing manual stretches or hanging, why is it that we have loss of sensitivity? My thought is that we are grasping our penis and/or attaching the hanger right behind our glans. This area contains a highly concentrated area of nerve bundles, arteries and other important tissues. I have done some inconsistent stretching and hanging throughout the year, and with my recent injury, I am highly taking note of this. The only effective means of stretching, that I have come across, that will put minimal to no stress on the delicate tissues is a vacuum hanger. This will not clamp down on the sensitive tissues and risk the injury that I obtained from improper hanging.

I was literally scared for the whole week that I obtained my injury and ordered a bunch of shit that assists repairing of neuronal tissues and that supports blood flow. Also taking 5 mg of Cialis just to further assist bloodflow. Urologist was useless as usual, telling me “there is nothing we can do.” Whatever, I’ve gotten more help from my PE brothas and they know what they are talking about based on experience rather than theoretical bulls@%. Also am using a penis health creme to further stack on top of the healing process. I am already gaining my sensitivity back so whatever I am doing is working. Not 100%, not even 50% but improving since a week and a half from injury.

People have gotten good results and know how to really use the Bib hanger but after I received my injury, I am scared to go back to it. Currently at 7.5 in length and 5 girth. Only gained 0.5 length and want to get to 9 in. Length. Once healed up gonna get at that vacuum hanger, get my length goal and just focus purely on girth. I am debating to even train length once healed b/c based on the following data pictures, 7.4 BPEL and up is Huge.

Length data link:

Girth data link:

I do not have ED from all this. I am still able to get it hard, jack off, and cum gallons of semen but the lack of sensation is really scary. I am wondering if light edging will assist the healing, for now I am just leaving him alone.

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