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Need to fix my problem quick

Need to fix my problem quick

Ok well I already posted about my problem with premature ejaculation when I’m sober. Drunk sex with my g/f is great and I make her cum several times and can last forever, but sober sex I pre-cum a lot when fooling around then cum within a few seconds of insertion. However I have been kegeling and I read about reverse kegel and I thought I was getting better because she gave me some GREAT head and I did some reverse kegels and I found myself TRYING to cum because I know she doesnt like to give head all that much. So I can last a long time sober when getting head/handjob but tonight we went to have sex sober and I was soft (performance anxiety?) and I stuck it in and when I took it out because it was too soft I just came right outside of her. I was pissed off, she is saying “I don’t understand the workings of your manhood” and I’m starting to think I have a big problem here guys. I’m considering accupuncture.I live in Seattle where RWG fixed his Premature ejac. With that accupunturist, but he hasn’t been on in a long time and I don’t know where I will find his accupunturist. I guess I’ll just keep on doing kegels and practicing reverse kegels, but I have nowhere to practice edging or anything because I’m at college. I need help, I can’t just keep getting drunk to fuck. Please say anything that might help.



Have you considered talking to a professional?

Masturbate once before sex. Your second orgasm should take longer. Also when you masturbate recreationally, delay your orgasm via a stop and go method. Just as you are approaching orgasm, stop until you settle down and then continue. You can teach yourself not to orgasm so fast. Do a Google search on premature ejaculation and you can find plenty of techniques to do just that.

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