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Need to ask (about CC hardnees during erection)

Need to ask (about CC hardnees during erection)

During a 100% erection I have the glans and the CS soft ( not soft as flaccid ). I read the old posts and I understand that it’s common, someone has hard glans as the whole unit, and someone is soft.

About CC:

I had this morning the usual erection (morning wood). It was hard, very hard. These morning erections are very hard, at the limit of the pain. I was touching the glans, the CS (slightly soft as described) and the CC. The CC are supposed to be rock hard, but I discovered that my CC were hard, but, if pressed with the tip of a finger, they can be pushed in some millimeter. I’m not saying that CC were soft, I’m only saying that CC can be pressed up to the point you can push it. I have also to remark and enphasize that the erection was 100% , yes the best erection you can wish.

With the desire to soft this almost “aching” erection, I performed some easy gentle bends with the hope to lighten the erection. The fulcrum of the bend was at the center of the shaft, not at the base. During these gentle bends (gentle because the unit was so hard.., I performed also to right and to left), I noticed that the CC were becoming hard, very hard, super hard. When I say hard I say HARD as the surface of something made of metal, as the beer glass i have on my hands now!

Just to do a comparision, the cc passed from the hard/pliable (as a can of beer onopend can be pliable) to the hard/rock solid (as the beer glass).

Just want to know if you have the same toughness of the CC when 100% full erected.


It varies, acacia. I think that so long as our erections are unbendable enough to make penetration easy, we’ve got nothing to worry about. :)



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