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Need some serious advice please ED related


Thanks guys!

So I am meeting up with her in week. We have been talking about the issue and she is being supportive and making me have less concern about the ED however for a weekend of passion we won’t forget.. Especially since we are going on a 3 day vacay.

Heres my solution..

Use a 1 mg PT141 injection in the am probably around 9:00 am or so.
Meet up with her about 6 or 7 hours later
1 hour before meeting up I’m going to pop half a 50 mg V and let the mind body synergy take over.

Thats my day one solution.

If I feel content (which I should) then I’ll be good and may sneak the other half of V in the second day and that should ride me out to day 3 (we are going on a 3 day vacay)

I was also thinking of doing this combo:

PT 141 7 hrs before
1/2 50 mg V 1 hr before (for first night BOOM)
1/2 20 mg C the next day (continued BOOM)

Thoughts my Brothers?

Have you abstained from porn since the last time you posted? My suggestion is to not use any of those injectables bro, you might possibly cause irreversible nerve damage if you incorrectly inject. Plus I would hate the idea of putting anything sharp near or around my dick. Hanging weights off my dick is the most extreme thing I would ever do, but I guess it’s your dick so do whatever you want with it. Also try not to touch your penis at all for a week as well or do ANY form of PE, except for pissing and washing of course. Take the pills as needed though I would cut the dosage of the Viagra in half if you haven’t taken it before. I’m not a doctor, I was a medic though, and if you’re getting these pills without prescription you should probably check blood pressure too just in case. My two cents.

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You don’t need injectables, just do the pills like you’re thinking.

Take half the dose of viagra your planning and see how your dick responds. TODAY! Then you know what to expect. jsagao is giving you a warning on the blood pressure. Dr. prescription is because some people have had that issue. It’s serious. Read up on Viagra. Your going to take a drug. Know as much as you can about that drug. And then relax. Your the man she wants so be confident and let your dick want to fuck her! Good luck. (I’m dealing with a little ED for different reasons)

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I would not be going near injectable’s, V is plenty for me

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A bit “freaked out” by your plan as well. Honestly don’t think getting viagra from anybody but a doc is a good idea. And Chinese peptides? who knows what the hell you are injecting into your self.

But it is what it is.

Just stick with the viagra or cialis. And follow MetaMorpho’s advice - do a solo test drive first w half a dose and see what happens.

Hey Brothers.. Quick update.

We are meeting for a few days on wednesday. We are gonna have a little staycation..

Quick update:

Also, I have not masturbated for 3 days and abstained from Porn.. There was a good sign the other day. I took my clothes off and just looked at her picture and imagined all the things I wanted to do sexually and romantically and I got a 6.5 - 7 / 10 erection.. No physical stimulation. My brain is changing already I think.

I started the HOLY GRAIL OF CUM INCREASE ( search ) the other day so hopefully that will contribute to my moment :)

Jsagao, PT 141 doesnt go in your penis. Its subcutaneous and operates on the brain building lust and passion which is why I want the synergistic effects of V and C to work on my body while pt 141 works on my mind..

The PT 141 isnt coming from a Chinese company but the original US based patent holder of the peptide.


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