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Need Some help here

Need Some help here

I know there is a name for it but I forget. The time in between erections after ejaculation? I do not seem to have a problem getting an erection but after ejaculating once I don’t seem to be aroused or get another erections any time soon after. This never used to be a problem with me but I am starting to get worried about it. The last few time with my girlfriend I have had problems getting an erection after ejaculating already and I don’t know if it’s mental or physical but I havent had this problem before and I am just not performing well for a while now and I cannot figure out why. I eat right, dont smoke, exercise but my eq seems to be decreasing.

I know it comes with age but I am only 29 and like I said a few months ago this was not a problem!

It’s called the refractory period. It does tend to increase with age. If you can no longer assume you’ll be able to get more wood with a quickness, you’ll might want to work on lasting longer—maintaining the wood you have when you have it.

I think men go through cycles—hormonal, emotional, etc.—that can effect libido. I’ve noticed that every several months I’ll go through a period of relatively low (for me) libido that might last as long as a month or six weeks. Sometimes I’ll virtually forget about my dick for a week or two. I don’t worry about it, because it always comes back full force eventually.

But still, if you are concerned you might want to get your testosterone levels checked out.

Good luck!


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