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Need some advice from all you long lasters.



With imagination such as yours, you should have no problem mentally rehearsing fulfilling sex. If you mentally produce an image over and over it will sink into your sub-conscious as fact (or the way you are). I believe that should cure your PE.

Yeah by the way, I am very good at maths and chess, checkers and sodoku etc. anything with strategy and steps involved. Like yourself I can be a bit socially slow except when I drink or get relaxed in peoples company. I can be a bit inhibited at times. Drink and drugs removes these inhibitions and leaves what I believe to be my true self.

It must be possible to train oneself to possess a natural imagination to the level of your substance induced imagination.

Best of luck

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Chicken, update?

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Well, for an update…

For the past month I have been with a few new girls. The thing I noticed the most is that I am more relaxed with new girls now. Maybe it’s just the fact that I have grown more accustomed to the feeling of a new girl. I have managed to increase my sex lasting for a couple of minutes, which I see as a great increase compared to before.

What helped me the most was not thinking about whether I am going to blow it fast or not. I am just more relaxed.

I imagine that breathing exercises or yoga might be helpful with that, making one more calm.

:chicken: My chicken is on the path of becoming a big cock! :rooster:

One of the techniques I use is to not think about myself at all, nothing. Just be totally in to trying to get her off, not for my own pleasure, but for hers. Reading every movement, noise, and signal she sends. I get so wrapped up in reading her I don’t even get close to getting off. It works like a charm. The women get off and you keep your mind preoccupied with her, not you.

Another thing to consider is this:
When I was in the military we were taught to not think abut missing the target. Missing never crossed your mind. The reason is if you think about missing or entertain the thought of anything but success you will fail, and miss (shoot early). Set goals for yourself like going 20 minutes, no matter what. If you shoot before 20 minutes then you go down on her or work on her in some other way. Make it completely about her, getting her off, and lasting a certain time.
Don’t think about failure, don’t entertain it, don’t even let the thought of shooting enter your mind, just go.

Whoever said "your first impression is often the best one" is a damned fool.


How about an update?

I'm fed up of having a signature!

There isn’t really anything to update. To be honest, I was on a physical and mental deconditioning routine for a couple of months. I just used my dick the way most guys use it - without much thinking:) .

I have only just recently started PE again, and plan to have an all-around approach - building both in size and endurance. We’ll see how it goes, and don’t worry - I will update the thread when there is change.

:chicken: My chicken is on the path of becoming a big cock! :rooster:


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