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Need advice, lost libido


Originally Posted by marinera

Another bad news : despite the popular belief, weight training seems to lower T levels, so if you are training hard you could have some libido problems.

The two days that I do not train during the week is definitely the days my sex drive is working the best.

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Knock the steroids on the head problem solved.

Or it might be your liver and kidneys not working next.

I’m sure you can train hard enough without them. :)

The best advice I’ve seen in this thread is to drop the steroids. I have never used them and from what I’ve read they cause nothing but problems. If you want to get ripped it’s not worth losing your sex drive over. You’ll just have to do it the hard way. Let us know how your next encounter goes.

My libido came back and the weird feeling near my prostate normalized, I can have sex with my girls now but I am usually so wore out from the stress of working out 5 days a week I don’t feel like it. In 2 days it will make 4 weeks on Sustanon, I thought about pulling the plug but since everything got back to normal for now I am going to try and ride it out so I didn’t go through all that for nothing. I have gained 20lbs in 4 weeks, no change in body fat percentage there is 8 weeks left of my cycle so I am hoping to throw on another 20lbs during the 8 weeks.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

1. I want a pic of this thin girl with the big ass, your description of her drove me nuts.

2. Sustanon needs to be shot every other day. There’s the issue, possibly need an aromatase inhibitor.

3. My sex drive was way higher before I ever did steroids. I couldn’t fuck nearly as long/as well as I do now, but I surely got it up easier.

4. Remember in my PM when I told you not to do this and you replied with “I’m not new to this dude I know what I’m doing?”

Oh, and working out should not hinder your libido. You are doing too many sets. Max out the sets around 10-12, and go beyond failure on the last set of every exercise. Yes, beyond failure. Where you cannot get a full rep and you need help moving it, 4-5 reps PAST that.

Sorry I am so late, I literally just saw your post in my thread buddy.

Thanks for the guidance brother, I have gave up steroids and am satisfied with the slower gains. I am following your advice and 10-12 sets has really made a huge difference in my life, I really wish I had stuck with that amount from the beginning, I think I would have had less injuries as well.

My libido is back up and the lower sets is seeming to improve my libido. I am working on mastering going beyond failure without pussing out lol.

I forgot to update after my last post so I will do so now. I carried on with the sustanon but I did drop my cycle early, my cycle lasted 10 weeks and I added in some Dbol for the last 4 weeks and my strength blew up with that stuff, but also the side effects was burdensome. My prostate pain still comes on sometimes and it is torturous when it does, but at least now it only comes on me when I have been edging too much, it rarely happens out of the blue.

The petite girl with the big butt came over my place 3 more times since my last post, time 1 sex was unsatisfying from my limp dick, and time number 2 was the same which totally fucked up our “thing” we had, she came over and I started playing with her outside and then brought her in to my spare bedroom with a low bed and sat her on the side of it naked, I was on my knees on the floor in front of her licking her pussy and her petite boobs and I managed to get hard quickly but not very good EQ so I wasted no time getting it inside of her. This time I was hard enough to penetrate but still too soft to really give her a good time and I was trying to force myself hard by fucking her hard and fast but it was causing me to have to blow my load almost instantly as soon as it did get harder, but when I stopped the hardness faded quick.

I decided to lay her down and get on top to see if that helped and I went soft for a minute so I stalled and went down on her and then it got hard and I put it back in her. This time was one of the low points of my sex life lol, as soon as I got it in her and pumped a few times I had an amazing sensation that took me straight to orgasm and I jumped back out of her and turned my back to her all awkward because I didn’t want her to know I was blowing my load so fast, and I made up some excuse like “I can’t do this I really need to get to bed”. I kegeled hard as it was happening and I stopped my load from blowing but some may have dripped out, but I knew I was done after that.

So with that girl I always wanted to get with, I blew every single chance with her because I had no clue what I was doing with steroids lol, time number 3, it was like a year since I talked to her after that last fail at sex and we decided to meet up again and this time I was steroid free and my libido was still lower but my PE had my erections working again so I was VERY eager to redeem myself so she didn’t forever go through life thinking I was a dud in the bedroom but also I wasn’t sure if I wanted anything to do with her any more because I was the 2nd guy she had been with but after me she seemed to have went crazy with guys. Anyway we adventured into the woods and sat down next to a small creek in a nice soft spot and I was trying to decide what I should do and then she told me she was on her period so I knew I may as well just focus on adventuring and having fun with her.

I still feel cheated and embarrassed but I am slowly getting over it lol, that 3rd and final time of us meeting I was also much skinnier than our 2nd meeting since I dropped the drugs and also took a break from eating because my mood got pretty low during PCT after the Sustanon wore off, anyway she didn’t act the same towards me as she used to which added to my shame because I went from well built man, to a skinny boy.

So my experience with steroids was short and pretty disastrous, if I could go back in time I would have not used them at all, and I definitely would not have used Sustanon again, I didn’t feel in control because I couldn’t grasp the different half lifes of the different testosterones in the Sustanon, and it also tricked me in my PCT because I thought I was doing ok during it but the longest lasting testosterone just had not wore off yet, and when it did I felt like a broken machine that no matter how much food I put in myself, it didn’t feel like it was doing anything any more.

I am mostly back to normal today though, thanks be to Elohim. I am training passionately again and feeling motivated, I like it so much better when my body is in control of all of my hormone levels because I really am clueless. :)

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

You mentioned that your PE got your erections working again. What kind of routine did you do to make your erections harder.

BTW I PROMISE you if you have like $6 to spare you should try a sex pill called mojo nights. Yes it is $6 a pill but it helped me through my hard times of ED. It lasts for 2 whole days. You get rock hard with any sexual thought. So next time you get with a girl check it out. Most times I’m still hard after I cum when I take the pill and you get a 10 on the EQ scale for 48 hours after you take it. But that’s only if you want to be sure that you don’t fuck up a good time. I overtrained myself in the gym and that’s what caused my ED. I cut back a lot on my sets like addict told you and that helped too. Also you probably already know this but taking a week or two off from the gym will restore libido. I do agree that lifting weights can decrease T levels and I’m one of those that found out the hard way. My erections ar e improving now they are just not rock hard like I want them to be yet.

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