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Need advice- libido issues

Need advice- libido issues

I’m having problems having sex with my girlfriend. I’m not really having a problem with erections, but when we start having sex, I get distracted. It’s hard to describe. I find it hard to focus on the sex. Our sex used to be great but now it seems, well, bad. Not sure why since nothing has really changed other than that we’ve been together for awhile. I get the impression that she’s not that into it - but she would NEVER admit it. I love this girl and still find her very attractive. I want to maintain a healthy sex life with her.

I can jerk off to porn no problem. I have a consistent PE routine of stretching and jelqing on alternating days, 4 on 1 off. My all the PI’s seem okay - I get descent morning and night wood. My EQ is around 7 or 8.

I get distracted?? What? Are you playing a boardgame and concentrating on the next move? I guess you will just have to find a way to bring a little more focus to the sexual activity….think of it as a must make, 3 foot putt.

Not a libido issue. That’s about your own interest in what is going on during sex - with her.

Talk together - an often overlooked but effective solution to sexual issues. In spite of your notion that she would never admit it, tell her that you perceive that she is “not that into it” and that is off-putting for you. Don’t be accusatory. Just tell her what you’re thinking.



so, it seems the problem is two fold. one is that I’m starting to become less attracted to my girlfriend. The fire in our relationship is starting to die. I’m hoping to keep things fresh and interesting, but I feel she’s a bit more complacent (maybe I just need to learn to be happy with how things are?). We’ll see what happens.

Secondly, I was PEing too hard. I thought my EQ was okay, but after laying off for a week, things got better. I’ve tweaked my routine and now things are great. I’ll write more about this in the Newbie section.


I think it is because of your feeling she is not so hot and erotically focused.

Dump the porn mate… It’s almost always unrealistic and you will get conditioned by it..

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oz probably has good advice! Also, if you feel it’s a libido issue, there are tons of supplements that work great and have potential to make you ravage your woman in the sweetest manner.


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