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Natural high blood pressure remedies

Originally Posted by MrTips
Hi Dino,

Many people in the US are deficient in magnesium - probably because of diet
and the over refining of foods. Magnesium is a potent vasodilator as it helps the cardiovascular muscles relax on the low portion of the heart beat cycle.
Magnesium deficits build up very slowly over time until your body hits the tipping point and you go hypertensive. There is a blood test for detecting the deficiency - most MDs look at calcium and sometimes at potassium but magnesium is just as important - and most blood chemistry tests don’t examine it so it gets overlooked unless you know to ask.

That said, most magnesium supplements you can find are almost worthless because they are nearly insoluble especially in older folks because the amount of stomach acid necessary for digestion drops over time. That is particulary true for oxides and carbonates. Same is true for calcium.

The answer is to supplement with a chelate of magnesium and there is a fairly new product out called Magnesium Malate that is very effective because of its high solubility and bio-availability. I take the Source Naturals brand and I get mine at the Vitamin Shoppe but many places carry it. Another fairly effective product is “Calm”, a magnesium citrate powder that comes as an effervescent when dissolved in water.

Be advised that this is no magic bullet - it takes time to become magnesium deficient and it takes time to overcome that deficiency. Be patient. Take the magnesium malate and the fish oil (a great combination) - in time it can do wonders for blood pressure. That’s what I take and do and before, based on blood tests, I had been chronic borderline low in magnesium even though we ate/eat organic and no junk food and have done so for years.

Hope this helps,


Yes. Good post. I take both fish oil and magnesium. I’m not so sure that Magnesium Malate is necessary. I get results without taking that version. I take plain ole magnesium and it’s even of the oxide version, but maybe I’m just better at absorbing it than most other people. I actually tried Magnesium Malate (I think it costed much more), and it would give me the shits bad if I took just one tablet a day (they were much bigger than the oxide tablets). I really couldn’t tell that it gave me more benefit, and it even seemed to me that I may not have been getting as much from it, but I’m not sure because I never monitored it. I mainly take magnesium to lower my pulse rate, which it does. I sometimes think that the fish oil could help with the absorption, and might explain why oxide works well for me. I can’t remember for sure if I’ve read that, but think I may have.

Originally Posted by Donquixote

I have a two part question. Can you share the names of some of the blood pressure meds that are popular with doctors, but are known to negatively impact a man’s erectile function?

Then, could you perhaps list the names of some that generally don’t have a negative impact on erectile function, but are still effective for lowering blood pressure? I want to ask my physician about some changes in my meds. I take Diovan and Ziac along with Lipitor for cholesterol and a few other things besides. Things have gotten bad enough in the erectile function area that I want to ask him about stopping all my meds for a month and then slowly reintroducing one at a time of those he thinks are still necessary.


Hi, Don;

In general, the beta-blocker class of anti-hypertensives tend more to have a negative effect on erectile function, as do some of the diuretics, like hydrochlorothiazide (HTCZ). Some guys are not bothered at all, or not for a number of years. Others find themselves on the downside. BUT, in cases where hypertension is difficult to treat, it’s much better to get your B/P in a good place even with an ED negative drug than to worry about getting a hard-on - there being so many good drugs around now to get you up.

There is one particularly nice anti-hypertensive called Cozaar (Losartan) which rarely has a sexual downside; just one among other good options. This one is in the angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB) class. Doesn’t work well for everyone but your doctor may give you the go ahead to try it. A version of Losartan is called Hyzaar but that model of it includes a small amount of hydrochlorothiazide that has the benefit of reducing body fluid, which also reduces blood pressure. It’s been found that most people with hypertension do best on two drugs - one to reduce B/P and the other to reduce body fluid volume.

Not a good idea to drop your B/P meds for a month. You may have to be weaned off whatever, but you need something working for you meantime to protect your vascular system.



Thanks MrTips I will look into the magnesium stuff and don’t worry my friend Avo I will get on meds if I can’t beat it myself but I’m sure I will I look at these kind of things as challenges to beat. I hate to say but doctors would starve if they had patients like me. I’m using this problem to motivate myself into losing all the weight I wanted and to change my eating habits it also motivates me to get my ass to the gym even when I really don’t feel like going. I have cut mayo out and butter and even the fake butter one of the hardest things for me to ditch was cheese and eggs which I loved. My breakfast was usually three eggs and cheddar cheese with butter on a sesame bagel and dam it was good. But this was a wakeup call and scared the shit out of me because I’m the tank I’m the guy who never gets sick or hurt and all the sudden I was scared and I didn’t like the feeling.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

You’ll be fine, Dino, with an attitude like that.

On top of early hypertension, such a breakfast menu would also be a step toward elevated cholesterol and you don’t need that, either.

But do yourself a favor. You can “earn” three eggs and cheddar cheese and a begel slathered with butter now and then. And it will taste all the better because you did earn it.



Gensings raise your blood presure in lower doses,but higher doses greater than 100 standerdised will lower it and it is great for preventing or corecting ED.

Try an egg-white omelet with low-fat mozarella cheese instead. :-)

Originally Posted by ChuckR
Try an egg-white omelet with low-fat mozarella cheese instead. :-)

Sounds like a plan I have switched to egg whites but the mozzarella sounds good:)

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Do yourself a favor. Take pills that your guesser (doctor) wants to give you as a last resort.

Buy a book. The mind body prescription by Dr. John Sarno. He works with back patients and has an

unconventional way of treating many many disorders of the body.


Since you are my property, the contents of your mind are also my property, and you will give them to me when I ask.

Couple people have asked me about John Sarno and the body. So I’m going to post it here. Now I’m not a doctor / guesser. I’m just a guy who likes to know about shit and I don’t take anybodies word as FINAL for anything that has to do with my body / life. I seek knowlege, until I become an expert in an area, derived from numerous sources. Just because a guy has a piece of paper saying he’s a Dr. of this or that. Well, he’s part of a system. When your part of a system, your confined to convention. With convention, your confined to conventional results.

When it comes to my body / life. I like to go beyond what convention has to offer. Especially when it comes to some idiot giving me a pill for some disorder he “thinks” I might have.

Now this knowledge I have comes from experience. I’ve fixed myself of less than stellar erections. I had ED when I was younger. I have had heartburn for years, back pain. Body pain in spots where there was nothing wrong. So my knowledge has been turned into truth and wisdom for me through experience. Don’t accept what I have to say as truth.

Take what I have to say as suggestions to aquire new knowledge and test in your own life to produce experience and truth for you, ultimately which becomes wisdom. Godspeed.

Below was a reply I sent to one guy on here, so I’m posting it as a couple people have asked already as I mentioned.

Dr. Sarno is primarily a back doctor. A regular average guesser. He got tired of pushing pills and people not getting better. He, himself suffered for different ailments as well. I wont go into details, but, he does address everything in the book from back pain to cancer.

Do a search on google. Cholesterol myths russian scientist.

Read that book. Cholesterol is a bunch of bullshit. What clogs arteries is supressed rage, additudes, thoughts and emotions that don’t serve us.

This doctor is amazing. he’s not afraid to step out of the box and be a pioneer regardless of what the rest of the guessers think.

It’s all emotional if you ask me. EVERYTHING. I’ve read about 100 books on this. Science and the medical industry wont admit it. Why? Becuause if people learn to fix themselves, they’d be out of business.

I say fuck them. It’s like this. With new knowledge, comes new experience, and with new experiences comes new emotions. New emotions, produce new thoughts and that produces new neural nets in the brain. As the new is created, the old must die.

So, your current perception of yourself “Sick, ED, taking 9 pills a day” must be first replaced by a new perception of who you are.

It’s really as simple as a state. If you are taking 9 pills a day, it sounds like you’ve become accustomed to the various diseases they have labeled you with. This creates internal rage in your subconscious which you are not aware of. YOu must look at the things in your life that could be causing that rage. Yes, you probably think you don’t have anything. However whatever perception you have of yourself, if insulted by another person, or an event, is supressed by the conscious, into the subconscious as rage. To avert attention to the rage, the subconscious depletes certain parts of the body with oxygen, which produces the pain.

How many fucking times will we hear “we can’t find anything wrong with you”, until we wake the fuck up?

Sooner or later, the cat is going to be out of the bag and I hope all these fucking guessers, drug companies and the like goe down the shit tube. praying on peoples money at the expense of their emotional well being and life.

It’s as simple as this. Everyone has a blueprint for health. It’s innate to all of us. I don’t want to hear the genetics cop out either. We can alter our genetics. I believe that. The problem is that most people are listening to the solutions, from the same place that the fucking problem lies. WAKE UP.

Now genetics do play a role. But, why do some people have gene A, but do not display the disease that gene A presents in the body?

Environment and your reactions to it and emotions. That’s why.

There is more information out there for every ailment that you could possibly think of. Gaining new knowledge is the key.


Since you are my property, the contents of your mind are also my property, and you will give them to me when I ask.


I agree somewhat that your mental attitude will effect your health a negative attitude will attract sickness and bring down your immune system and a positive attitude will do the opposite. So I try to keep it positive as much as I can but life has a way of throwing a wicked curve ball now and than when your expecting the fast ball:) .

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Hey Dino,

One other possibility crossed my mind about natural ways to lower blood pressure and that’s sauna - most specifically far infrared sauna. I bought one when I built my private office/shop last year and it is just terrific. You get the benefits of sauna but without the extremely high temperatures of a steam bath. THe benefits include:

1) Great way to get rid of stress

2) Great way to detox through your skin and take pressure off of your kidneys (remember, the adrenals sit close to the kidneys)

3) Lowers blood pressure over time because the body must expand and relax the endothelial linings of the blood vessels. This is accomplished by significantly increasing the storage of the biochemicals that produce nitrous oxide, the same very powerful vasodilator that gets us those great erections.
Some studies in Japan showed a huge increase in NOxide and a 15-20 point drop in both diastolic and systolic blood pressure in 6-8 weeks of sauna use.

Just another possibility,


Don’t mess with BP, I have ED since ago of 15 because of that,


Sounds nice even with out the HBP, sounds like you have a hell of an office:)


Thanks for the tip and I plan to beat it, how come you got it so young?

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Can some of you guys with high blood pressure try Apple cedar vinegar because I think it may work since I have taking it I haven’t had any flare ups and I have been under tremendous pressure. Every night I have a salad with the vinegar and I mix it with Kens fat free Italian dressing to cut it a little. It’s under a buck in the super market so give it a try and post your results here.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Originally Posted by Dino9X7
Can some of you guys with high blood pressure try Apple cedar vinegar because I think it may work since I have taking it I haven’t had any flare ups and I have been under tremendous pressure. Every night I have a salad with the vinegar and I mix it with Kens fat free Italian dressing to cut it a little. It’s under a buck in the super market so give it a try and post your results here.

Hi Dino -

Good for you reference the apple cider vinegar - you may have landed on one of the best, natural ways there is to control . . . blood sugar! . . . (and, indirectly, blood pressure).

There’s mounting evidence that taking 2 tbspns of vinegar before or during a meal (especially a high carb meal) will suppress the glucose spike which in turn causes a spike in insulin. Even though a person can have a normal fasting blood glucose of say 90, as we age and get pre-diabetic the ability of our beta cells in the pancreas to produce insulin weakens. The result is that what would take a young person maybe 30 minutes to return to say 105 in blood sugar after a slug of carbs (as little as 5 grams) may take a person with compromised beta cells 2 hours to get back to normal.

Elevated blood sugar irritates hell out of the linings of blood vessels, especially small capillaries and they are the first to go bad in full blown diabetes. One of the early symptoms of this condition is hypertension.
You do your heart and your pancreas a huge favor if you can lower and normalize (smooth out) blood sugar surges. Vinegar can help do that.

Food for thought,


PS - ref the building, thanks! - Since I built it myself (by myself with no outside help) I took my time and put in it what I wanted - and I am really enjoying it - no more playing dodge cars driving to work :)


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