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My wife is turning into a SIZE QUEEN!


My wife is turning into a SIZE QUEEN!

In a previous thread, I wrote about how my wife was getting into my new size…but I’ve also noticed a twinge from it as well. (DLD aptly termed this Personal Penis Envy!) Before she used to tell me that size didn’t matter…unless it was too small. After a long fooling around session this past weekend, she freely admitted to her true bias…large.

The next night, she wanted to fool around again and she wanted to measure some again! She never has done anything like this before. She said, it isn’t as big and she showed me the tape and it was 8.25…down from 8.5. She started squeezing and pulling and it got so excited that by the end she measured it back at 8.5…but that was a diamond cutter! So there was .25 fluctuation of length…no change in girth at 5.5.

This is quite an interesting development that she has gotten into measuring like she has. I’m not sure I like her getting this into the size this much, tho! It is a very strange thing and it does give me a twinge because it makes me wonder if I really wasn’t big enough before if she’s this into the size now.

Great, I’ve turned my wife into a size queen! Anyone else noticing this phenomenon? And how do you feel about this change? Do you think they’ll now start checking out other bulges and thinking about this more?

My girlfriend wanted to measure mine the other day. I refused because at 6.3” x 4.8” I have nothing to brag about and to be honest I feel quite pathetic without my pants on. Fortunately for me it is the first erect penis she has seen.

I’d hate to break up with her before I hit at least 7.5” x 5.5” because at least then chances are her next man whoever that may be would have a smaller dick than me. As it stands, if we broke up tomorrow (which I by no means want to) and she went out and got another guy - chances are his dick would dwarf mine. :(

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This is really weird, I was gonna start a thread about size queens when I logged on, and here one is. Anyway, do you guys think that the there are as many size queens as it seems? Whenever I hang out with girls, or even my girlfriend’s friends, the subject of penis size seems to come up. They either talk about this huge dick they had once, or they’ll bad mouth an exboyfriend for having a small one.
I have two thoughts on this. The first is that some girls like saying they’ve had a big dick kind of like we like talking about a girl with big breasts. They’re nice and all but its not something you necessarily look for in a wife. If she was a nice rack, cool. If not, thats okay too. Secondly, I’ve noticed that girls usually talk about guys’ small dicks after they break up. I have a feeling that they know we are insecure and that’s why they do that.


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think of it this way. You have ruined your wife as far as other men are concerned unless they happen to be bigger (not likely). Chances are she told you she was satisfied before and she was probably being truthful.
That she is really liking the new you does not change that she was satisfied with the old you in the past. My wife was satisfied living in a nice comfortable home we owned, however she likes the dream house we built better, that does not mean she was unhappy with the old one just because she likes the new one better.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I don”t think my wife thought much about size until I gained an inch. Now she wants to measure and is looking forward to the 8 incher. I like it! I want her to think about dicks and watch mine grow!


I think the penis <-> breast comparison is a fair one.

I know in my case that I thought breast size didn’t matter until I had a lover who was a C-cup. Until that point I dated small B’s and A’s, and was satisfied. Making love to the girl who had such amazing curves, however, I realized just how much of a visual turn-on it was for me. After years upon years of being in denial about having a breast fetish, I’ve given up. I like boobs, and I can’t change that.

I think for some girls, phallic worship may be a similar issue. They get conditioned to accept whatever size they get, because for the most part it’s not something that they’re going to get to have any choice regarding. I’ve heard some girls claim to be good at estimating the size of clothed packages, but most seem to get stuck with finding out whenever they first bed the boy, at which point it’s too late to make their decision based on it. That being the case, they can’t AFFORD to have a size fetish. It opens the door to dissatisfaction too much. However, a girl who’s with a big boy enough, who realizes that his size is part of her passion may be forced to discard her previous conditioning.

In the end, I still think that size (of breasts or peni) will be a lesser issue for nearly all lovers. But then, now that you know how to improve it… would your mate like her ice cream sunday with or without the cherry on top?

One of the main reasons why boys like to enlarge their equipment is because it makes it easier to satisfy their woman. But do not forget where their true sexual organ is placed. In my opinion is clitoris placed wrong. It should be placed where the g-spot is placed or somewhere like that. Lots, lots, lots of women do not orgasm from just penetration. One source has claimed the number to 30-50% of all women. But that doesn’t stop me from enlarge my penis… Some persons talk about the cul de sac…. I must never have come that deep. Though my girlfriend has explained pain after sex when I have gone too deep inside her.

When it comes to breast size that isn’t as important as the penis size. Sure it is a great turn on with a C-cup. But the penis is designed to stimulate the vagina and if it is too short or thin it won’t feel much, trust me I am there right now. My girlfriend can cum from just penetration, I think I´ve never taken her there… She has once or twice claimed she has cum, but then she has said she is not sure whether she has or not which sounds strange to me. I am not alone to have this situation, I think this might be a good reason why some ppl have come here…

I think we are forgetting ONE simple thing when we always talk about our size. What about their’s? I can almost fist fuck my girlfriend, which makes my girth of 4.4” pretty damn small… Secondly she is so wet it leaves greater evidence of us having sex than when I ejaculate… Thats true!

Yes she has claimed that I am to small, and no she has not tried other dicks than mine.

Restarting everything.


No doubt about there being as much varience in Vaginas as in the male penis… I dated this girl for a while that loved to be fist fucked… My girth is well over 6 @ midshaft and over 7 @ the base and I could grab the base of my cock and slosh it around, making gurgling noises, she also got VERY WET…

Guys when it comes time to girls are usually too nice when the relationship goes bad… Imagine guys talking to each other and saying; “God she had a huge cunt” *OR* “Fuck she was loose”! I started out PE over average and I’ve encountered some VERY VERY LOOSE wemon, almost cow like… I would gather that the bigger the cunt on a girl the more chance she beats up on guys for being average, because even the big - huge ones are small compared to her gaping maw. :)

One nice thing about this is no matter how loose they are they still have an ASS! :)

I am pretty sure Jennifer is now a size queen. The bigger I get the more she likes it. I also let her do my official measuring too.

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It is fascinating.

From my experience with the last two GF’s both claimed that size isn’t that important. For my ex that might have been true, with my current GF it’s not. The current one always said that the size of my dick is fine but now, after picking up my old routine, even though it’s modified, she starts to see increases in lenght and girth and suddenly she found a new toy. She also encourages me to keep working out which to me is a huge motivation. But she’s also mature and experienced enough not to put donw the old dick of mine.

I think it’s the same phenomenon that guys have with big tits: It just looks and feels better.

Make it huge....!

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Another great thread…….

MadMax8, if she is now a size queen, as it appears, be happy and enjoy it. She would have a pretty hard time finding anyone else with your size….considering the randomness of dating or cheating. Consider it just another favorable trait that you have, and that she really enjoys.

Hey Regulartwhiteguy!

I’d love to learn more about those loose girls and where to find them. Have you noticed any correlation from one girl with a larger vagina to the next. Any common thread slightly linking them. I will say one thing though, they are almost always wetter than others. I have not come across a good sized (large) dry one. I love em wet to. The wetter the bettter!

Also, as for girls talking about size. I trully believe that girls are a little off on guessing about size usually. Sometimes they are close, but I’d bet that most stated sizes are a bit off. I’ve got friends with girlfriends that say that they have a large cock, but I’ve talked about pe with them…. some are above average in erect legth, but not in girth. I bet that one of you are correct in stating that women that have larger vaginas may find average sizes to be small…..and possibly nock a guy for it once the relationship has gone bad. Penis size is more functional than breast size…

I believe that C cups are the prettiest, but a fit woman with a tight ass and a flat chest, really turns me on the most…..?? go figure?

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Hey fellas, pass the size queens on down to me if ya don’t like ‘em. I’m building a tool specifically for them……and I know a variety of other things to blow them away………

I know that ya’ll like em to…..

just had to offer….

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

(I was lurking and had to say something. Sorry.) I think I could easily become a size queen. Looking at what is out there it is easy getting consumed in what feels good. Maybe it has to do with size spiced with a little confidence. Maybe just knowing she likes the size makes you more confident and makes your performance a little better. (Even if it was already good). Nothing like an arrogant man who can back it up in bed. So if my hubby were to PE, I think I would be pleased with his growth. Not that I am not pleased with what is on the plate already. It’s just there is something new. Like having a new lover or something. It could appear I am a size queen, when I could be just enjoying the added size.

Okay, I’ll go back lurking.

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I’m curious about something. Do you think women are just bad judges of size sometimes? I mean, if a girl is used to seeing average built to larger built men with average 5.5-7 inch penises and one day she see’s a short skinny guy who’s - let’s say 8-8.5 but maybe not girthy, isn’t it likely that at a glance or even after sex she’d be liable to gues it’s size at around 10? Ptoportion seems to fool girls alot. Example,

1.I have a friend (assuming he’s telling the truth) that get’s very frustrated with girls guessing his size. He is 6.5 inches long but claims to be VERY girthy and most girls guess him to be 5 inches because of the proportion.

2.A girl i know was also once dating a guy who was longer than anyone she’d been with but was short in stature and very thin on the girth. She guessed him to be 10 inches, but after measuring found he was really a bit above 8 rock hard.

Bottom line, I got a little shell shocked by my girl guessing at an ex one nighter’s big measurement, but when you consider the above, if it wasn’t done with a ruler, you can’t take it to heart! If a girl is bragging she fucked a guy last week who “must’ve been 10 inches……rest assured it probably wasn’t. Maybe, but probably not. I remember my 1st few girlfriends being very flat and my next after them seeming like queen melon woman of the amazon…….but come to find out she was only a 34 D. Big……………but not as huge as i was bragging about!

Freak, some of the difference in women’s concept of size relates to perspective. I will explain.

My girl was so intrigued when she licked along the bottom side of my dick. She was surprised that she could feel my dick all the way between my balls, and beyond. In fact now, when giving me oral, she will lick all the way down, then suck my balls. Oops, i’m getting off track.

Once i asked her how long she thought my dick was and she said, “Oh, 10-12 inches”. I laughed and asked her how she figured that. I was flattered to say the least, but knew that wasy waaaaay off.

Then she held one finger tip to the end of my dick, the finger of the other hand down to where my dick goes between my balls, then raised both hands up at the same time to show me. Well hell, it was pretty long from that perspective. Now we all know that’s not all useable length and i had to explain to her how to properly measure a penis.

I told her to measure again. I am 7X5.5. She guessed me to be 8.5 inches, so she was still overestimating. Was she just being sweet? Hell who knows. I love her anyway. She’s only had one other man, and she said i’m lots bigger than he was. Oh thank you God!!!!

MadMax, be glad you are the one who spoiled her. Think about the poor bastard that follows you.

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