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My wife is turning into a SIZE QUEEN!


That’s almost exactly the size of my hand.

Not sure the relevance. Just that you knew what you couldn’t and could fully get your hand around and I wanted to compare.

I guess there is this psychological thing that if she can’t quite get her hand around it you feel huge. Of course, I know the real deal is what is the actual circumference. But I think there are all these odd ‘measuring’ standards in our heads. Like the one where if it goes up to or past your belly button it’s pretty long. That’s another thread, though.


Thanks again for doing such an experiment and sharing your findings with us, anna. I see that your ideal size has a “limiting factor” called a bj. That doesn’t necessarily mean that 6.5” or 7” wouldn’t make your cunny smile :-) given the right situation……*smiling. We were speaking about girths for the vagina here, not the mouth…..but all of your info is more than appreciated and welcomed.

Also, I’m glad that you shared with us that if you are very aroused you could take about seven inches of the larger vibrator into you and otherwise, if you are not aroused as much, you would only take in about five inches of it. I know that depth changes with arousal, as vaginal tenting takes place and the vagina becomes even more elastic, but I never came across such an example as your’s with measurements before. Thanks!

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

rwg, you mentioned that her family had horses. I don’t want to say anything that is inappropriate here, but that happens a little more than most people would like to believe. You know that many women have never told anyone of doing such a thing, but it has and does happen. You’d be suprised of the amount of women with such a fantasy, while many of them would not try it, a small percentage are willing. Just imagine all of the women that have secrets that they will carry with them to their grave….oohhhhh Want to read an interesting book about women’s fantasies? Check out some of the books written by Nancy Friday. She has categories of all fantasies from the normal to the taboo with example of actual letters sent to her by readers.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.


Yep I’m most certain that they do shit like that… When I was in the Military we did a raid on this club owners place and he had tapes of his dog fucking these crack whores while a bunch of guys sat around drinking and laughing about it… I believe that she really did fuck the horses… I’ve got many; “that looks like it’s gonna hurt comments” from girls but this one actually asked me if it was in! A little hottie for sure but that bitch had the biggest cunt on anyone I’ve ever nailed… No doubt she was messing with something huge, significantly larger then 6.5 girth thats for sure…

I’ve seen that kind of shit in porn movies a couple of times.
Pretty sick. Not just the whole inter-species aspect, but for god’s sake hygiene people, hygiene!!!

RWG, why not give her the benefit of the doubt, and just assume that she didn’t have any other internal orgasns/tissues in the way, just a big huge vagina hole….

She was an alien!! :D

She seriously had difficulty telling if your 6.5 was in??
That shit is whack….

And I knew it!!! Kojack never reacted to my very shy accuse he might be into Bestiality in another thread. I read some “horse fuck” novels on the internet myself. There is a lot of sick stuff out there, which would arouse some of us for sure (horse fuck is only the lower end of these pervert categories - Kysa Braswell is a source).

Kojack, I don’t mind that you’re turned on by stepping beyond conventional limits for yourself. But try to be frank about the fact that it’s YOU and YOUR fantasies, instead of excusing yourself by pointing at women and their fantasies and actions. I’ve seen double fisting movies, bestiality and all that shit. This is men porn with a good portion of hidden or obvious violence.

Quoting RWG: “I’m most certain that they do shit like that… he had tapes of his dog fucking these crack whores while a bunch of guys sat around drinking and laughing about it…”. This is the saddest part of it. Not only that men force crack whores, who’s mind is fucked and who’s body is broken by countless abuses, to fuck a dog in front of drunken men who give a shit that they look at a human being - men also pretend that these are women’s fantasies “YEP - THEY NEED SHIT LIKE THAT”. I guess more men would need four fists in their arse to wake up a bit. In case some don’t want to experience four fists it also might help to experience a loving relationship and to learn to know women as a whole - not just their vaginas and correlations with other body parts. AMEN

...not buried yet, another 5" ahead!

KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

I agree XXL,

It is very sad that the women on that tape were forced, bribed, or blackmailed into doing that. It is even a greater crime that the men laughed and teased at the women that were doing such things not by their own will. I find it very disappointing that those things occur. That is just a different form of sexual abuse.

For the most part, woman with a beast is predominantly a male fantasy. Obviously because we are very visual, and the men are not the ones having to partake in the act.

Nevertheless, there is a small percentage of women that have engaged in some form of sexual contact with an animal by their own choice. Even if it was only them being licked and not being penetrated. This has been proven by sexologist and studies, not only by the many written fantasies in books and on line. I will say that a small percentage of women have these fantasies, most would never mention them, and even fewer would act on them. Personally, I have met have had two female friends admit to having such fantasies, or being curious about it.

As for fisting, it is a proven fact that couples that are not even into kink engage in it. It is mostly done among lesbian couples, but heterosexuals enjoy fisting also. Look, I’ve had a girlfriend that enjoyed it, and another that desired it, but could not accommodate my fist comfortably. If you doubt what I’m saying, look at the websites for lesbians that have no porn, and only resources. There are how-to’s on fisting and stories of such every now and then. It is sometimes called hand love. I agree that the porn industry on the net has jumped on the fisting band wagon. This is once again due to the fact that males want to see it. It does not matter that most females are not interested in seeing it. It is all about making a profit when it comes to porn in most cases.

Oh, a particular video just came to me. Here in most states, fisting videos are illegal, yet one has been allowed to be put out in adult stores due to the fact that it is considered an instructional video.

Chloe and another very experienced woman lead a video called How to Fist. They have eleven women in the video total. They start by introducing the term fisting and even showing that it has been done for ages. They even show the Latin word for fisting sex. This video is filmed in a large comfortable room with all the women sitting down on sofas. Chloe explains everything in detail even while a girl begins to penetrate her. There is no music even. It is truly an amazing, thorough, and interesting video on fisting. They dispel the myths about fisting. It is put out by Elegant Angel. I dare you, watch it.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

I once had, and foolishy threw away, a doggy sex video. I’m only mentioning this to prove that there are women out there that enjoy such things. I’m not saying that it is normal by any means. It is illegal in most states, an considered immoral in all.

Anyway, it was a home video that aparently must have gotten stolen, or copied when they shared their vid on the net with a friend (or so they thought). It is called “Mona and Lisa” on the net. The tape had no writting on it whatsoever. It was filmed by one of the boyfriends of the two women. The other woman was married and her husband was there also. The dog’s owner was an older guy. The dogs were used to it and mounted and licked on their own happily. The women were sober and straight and everyone spoke english and communicated throughout the whole video. The women really enjoyed what went on. You could tell that they were not acting. There was no script, everything was said off the top of their heads. No one was nervous. The video was meant for them to later watch and enjoy the video at later times. You could tell that they were only trying to save the moment and not sell anything, but the tape aparently got out. That is just one small example of women not being forced and couples engaging in such things. I had to present that example to you XXL.

Madmax and others, I just realized that I once again strayed way off of the thread topic. I am extremely sorry. We’ll get back on track. I will not mention another thing about those things on this thread.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

Wow Kojack! I do very much appreciate your responses. I can clearly see your point. You gave me a very good and acceptable perspective on the relation of the “real thing” and the exaggerated “porn clone” of certain practices. Sounds very reasonable… and most of all I was very happy to read your introductory paragraph!!!

Thanks for your open minded reaction!

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

Thanks XXL,

Thank you for being open and willing to read about different view points. I posted quickly, and was doubting that I should have said anything. I was a bit leery about offending or making anyone uncomfortable here. I kinda felt that I acted too quickly and that maybe I should have dropped the subject. I was about to get a moderator to erase my post.

I’m glad that my posts didn’t offend anyone or take on a negative approach. Thanks.

We are all here to learn.

I’ll just try to stay on track a bit more.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.


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