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My wife is turning into a SIZE QUEEN!

Ok, but I’ll need pics of both sets of lips :)

What if you simply measured your upper set from corner to corner, and your vaginal opening from top to bottom, and gave us these numbers? That should work.

Of course I still want the pics :)

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Why do you suppose it is that large mouths are sexy then, given that most men prefer a tight partner?

RB is right about the mouth and also the fingers, if the fingers of the women are small this is one of the signs that she have a small pussy!

The more red her tongue is the more wet she is!

Well you know I have fuller lip. Does that mean all women with fulllips have big vaginas. I don’t think mine is so big. But since it is inside my body one can never tell.

Without smiling my lips are a little over two inches across. The lowere lips from top to what I could feel is the end, is about 2 3/4 inch. Does that help?

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I wasn’t really talking about the lips, but I have noticed that too. This correlation of the lips hasn’t been as consistent as the mouth size thing though. I really meant the diameter of the mouth. I have noticed that the smaller the mouth, the smaller the vagina. This has been dead on for me all the time. Has anyone else noticed this?


I’m glad i’m not the only one that has noticed this.


I guess it depends on what is considered small or large. I have never measure a mouth..LOL..but i know when a girl i’m dating or whatever has a relatively small mouth. Every time, they have a had a small vagina. The two girls I remember that were kind of large vaginally, had huge mouths.

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Anna, I don’t think lip size is a potential indicator as much as we are hypothesizing mouth circumference (or diameter, as I was using as it is easier to measure and would have a direct correlation to circumference) is.

On the lower lips, did you measure the actual lips, or vaginal opening. Just the opening, please. If you measured the full length of your lips, I suspect your opening is gonna correlate very close to your lip measurement, and no, that doesn’t make your pussy large :)

I do now wonder if the diameter measurement of a vaginal opening could give us a good indication of the maximum comfortable girth a girl could handle. If a girl has a 2” top to bottom measurement, that could correlate into a maximum expanded girth of 6.28”, well within the often reported pleasure zone.

I just had an afternoon delight with my wife when I was home for lunch. Discretely, I checked her mouth width versus pussy width. Although I didn’t whip out a ruler, they appear to be very close to identical. I would guess 2.25”. This dovetails very nicely with my guesstimate that she could handle 7” of girth…

Just for shits and giggles, I measured my mouth. Corner to corner when closed and lips straight, my opening is 1.5”. My twat is so small you can’t even see it :)

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

This is a good pic showing both a mouth and pussy for comparison. If you put measure, they’re pretty close to the same. I think she has small mouth and pussy-

She was even nice enough to measure for us-

Some other shots for comparison-

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

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Here’s another pic of her holding the yardstick. Makes a great reference for measuring her hand width, which I estimate around 3.25”

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

Thanks, all of you!

I’m absolutely thrilled to see all of the feedback on the “possible” correlation between mouth and vagina size.

Anna, thanks for sharing, measuring for us, and joining us on this little curiousity. I didn’t mean that the length of your slit might correlate with mouth size, but I meant that a wider mouth (closed, not smiling or anything) might signal that a woman can accomodate larger girths comfortably. The size of the two openings….might just be a little similiar generally. It is still interesting to know your slit length :-) thanks!

I’m not sure of an accurate way to measure the opening of the vagina, except maybe for trying to insert different objects and testing for the point at whick you feel “too” stretched….not just “nicely” stretched or full. You and DW have done that once, I certainly do remember. From the sizes that you gave, I would bet that your vagina is average and would be best for most every guy. I bet that DW doesn’t have a smaller than average mouth though. I’m still not saying that her vagina is large, but I bet that her mouth aint small considering that she took in 8” in girth. I don’t know the measurement of a smaller than average mouth, but I do know one when I see one.

As for thick or full lips, I just meant that they usually go hand in hand with thick or full labia minora. Not that full lips signal a larger vagina. I personally am not attracted to a woman that is chicken lipped in either area. (chickens don’t have lips, ..of course) Long lips are lovely!

Actually right now a good friend of mine is dating an attractive girl with a wide mouth. I see her every day here at school. She reminded me of my first love the first time I saw her. Her mouth jumped out at me. I find wide mouths to be very attractive not just because a may signal a fun cunny. Well, my friend mentioned one night out of the blue that she had a large cunny. I found that quite interesting. Another example of mouth size would be a girl that i grew up with. I always noticed that she had a small mouth even before I became sexually active. I asked a friend of mine later on in life that had sex with her how big her cunt was. He said that he could barely get it in. I had seen his cock once while watching porn, he was about 5” in erect girth.

The girl that I’m dating know has an average mouth, and an average cunt. I think the max girth that she would enjoy would be 7”. She has showed me a plastic perfume bottle that she masturbates with, and it is 6” in girth. As I said before, all others have matched their mouths and lips in general.

I had not heard of the finger or tongue analogy. I will be looking for red tongues…..since I love em really wet. I have read that large wet eyes signal a that she may get really wet. It makes since if her eyes always appear really wet that her moisture glands are really working well. Many things can affect all of these things though such as child birth or smoking. Smoking can cause vaginal relaxation and dryness.

I would still like to hear about more personal experiences supporting these guesses! thanks!

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As part of a little experiment this afternoon, I can fit, with some resistance, when not stimulated or aroused, an object that is 5x5.5 inside, but not fully.

I have a vibrator that is 10x6. That bad boy is way too big. It has a three inch curve at the top. Because of the curve, I think I can only get about 5 inches in when I am aroused. Extremely aroused I think I can get 7 inches in. But it hits bottom and sometimes isn’t comfortable.

I can not wrap my hand fully around 6.5” in girth.
And I can swallow 5.5” girth no more than 4” in length. The smaller the girth the more I can take in my mouth.
Anything 6” in girth and above will not be in my mouth. Hurts too much to stretch my mouth that wide.

The smallest that can enter my vagina and still actually have pleasure is 2” in girth, 4” in length.

The optimum size would be 6x5.

My ideal size is still 7x6 but it limits BJ.

Is that better?

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

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I forgot to mention something that I have mentioned elsewhere on both this and ‘several time’… Here is a something you can take to the bank…

A) Woman with a big butt, big bones & tall can still be very tight… The style of girl I like has a ghetto booty, thick and just has to like anal sex, at least enough to let me do it once in a while…

B) Woman who has gained weight in the legs or BUTT can still be tight as the weight gained does not effect the pelvic region and of course the vagina… Ok, here is the killer the way I see it…

“C” ) A woman who gains weight in the lower stomach and continues to do so is engaging in powerful, permanent “VE” (Vagina Enlargement)… We have all seen the girls who have the second lower stomach with the cleft going up the sweat pants or jeans.. What do you think that cleft it? I know I’ve beat this horse dead but I’ll list the experiment again that will convince anyone of the validity of my claim…

Blow up two balloons to exactly the same size, one of them tie off the other simply clamp off (we’re not done with that one yet).. Now draw two vagina’s on the balloon making sure that they are both the same size… Lastly blow several more breaths into the balloon that is clamped off then tie it off… Now measure how much bigger the vagina on the larger baloon is… I’ve seen girls go from very snug to bovine level quickly on this enlargement routine (experienced it three times) and the other thing that all three of the girls did was starting to talk about HUGE COCK… Many of the well known size queens have at one time been lardy, as in having that second lower stomach that does all of the damage… The equivalent would be for them to be fucking a horse 6 days a week, Permanent Vagina Enlargement with velocity to be sure…

The tiny blond come to think about it had a small mouth, very small… She tried to blow me and had trouble, her hands were also very small but her vagina was huge! largest I’ve ever seen in my life… Her family did own horses and I actually wondered about that…

Sorry I didn’t mention this before but I have several times previous on this board and as I was posting to this thread didn’t mention it…

Points to remember:

A big woman can be tight
A small woman can be loose

A woman with a large second stomach (weight gain in that area) WILL BE VERY LOOSE…

Remember one thing for sure,,, even a woman who has a large vagina still has an ASS!!!


Thanks for those measurements. That is actually quite interesting.

I was shocked that you can really get any sensation from 2” girth. But what am I saying - like I have a vagina?

Could you make a few measurements for me?

1) length of two longest fingers
2) length of palm from base to start of fingers
3) length of thumb


You are starting to scare me with that girth penetration talk. Sounds like we need to find an exercise to decrease our girth. Or one to help you take more girth!


I can help her take more girth…. heh heh heh :)

That shocked me as well. At 8.5” x 5.5”, I may just have the perfect tool for her job :)

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

Aren’t all women size queens? Shit, I’m starting to think that all men are size queens too. It wouldn’t bother me if I had the size to back it up.

Becoming.... Godsize

Some people are never satisfied. :p

From wrist to fingers, it’s 4 inches. From one side of my hand to the where the fold is near my thumb is about 3 1/4 inches. My middle finger is 3 inches and my index finger is 2 3/4 inches long. My thumb is a spit shy of 2 1/2 inches long.

BH~The relevance is?

Oh yeah, a man can place his finger inside a woman’s vagina and she could become quite stimulated so I am not sure why 2” in girth could be stimulating. I didn’t say I would climax from it but it can be stimulating.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar


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