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My testosterone results


Originally Posted by Tanner57
I wipe testosterone cream on my inner thighs every morning. I told the doctor a year ago that I felt my libido seemed weak. She did some blood tests and had me go to an endocrinologist to have it checked further. They said it was real low. Sorry, I don’t remember the numbers. They thought something else was causing my testosterone to be so low. I am 50 now and have worked out 2 to 3 times per week since I was 25. I work out with machines and free weights. My wife calls me a workout freak. So, the whole increasing testosterone through working out didn’t work for me. Since I’ve been using the cream my libido is great.

What’s the name of the cream, and is it OTC?

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You’re right, Yataghan, the comments of Whiskey were a bit rudes on their form, but I think they were not directed to you personally; it was more a generalized reasoning, linked to what I said before. “You” means “We, nowadays western people”.

If ones has some doubt that there is an organic cause, it’s good to have a check by a Doc :) .

KOG, sorry I did not get back to this thread to answer you sooner. It is Testosterone Cream 10%. I put 1 gram on each morning after my shower. I wipe it in on my inner thighs. I have never checked to see if there is anything over the counter that is similar.

Hey bro, you should look up “Adrenal Fatigue” (all info exists on the internet), and go see your local doc to check your cortisol via saliva.


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