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My Situation with this girl.


with somebody I can agree or disagree… it does not matter, but if they are a shitty person, I will be as difficult & conflicting as possible.

Someone could be speaking 100% proof truth and I would disagree, just because of the stinky air of personality about them.

It’s my dynamic personality - it reconfigures itself to adapt best to the situation, eg if I am with a bubbly happy person I become bubbly and happy, if I am with a sad quiet person I become more quiet and sad like. (I dont like quiet sad people)

If I am in a group of people of varying personalities, my true personality shines through clearly, with shades of a mixture of others moods and thoughts at the time…

On this board I am myself, because I guess, it is not so personal.

I think everyone has this kind of reaction to other people, to an extent.

No offence, but my point is; if you have a shitty ‘aura’ then other people will either become shitty towards you or try to get away from you to avoid becoming shitty…

Prickle, maybe this is why you seem to have such ‘bad luck’ all the time; you are projecting negative energies into the astral plane which is picked up by the person you are talking to and amplified and sent back at you, to put it in hippy terms.

For eg, I know a guy who is smart, he knows alot, but he is also a complete condescending, patronising shithead. When he speaks I growl, and it’s not because I dont like what he’s saying.

Food for thought;

You need to be at peace with yourself before you can expect to interact harmoniously with others. How you go about this is your own decision.

Re: cascade

Originally posted by DiamondWinds
I did read this thread. You may be a man & it may be all about pussy.

But women have what you want & with the higher than though attitude your not going to get any.

Men are not superior to women except in their own minds. To think that you are just shows that you don't have a woman.
You wont have much of a chance of getting one either thinking that way.
The main reason I say this is because women do not share your egotistical views. We don't think your superior just because your men.
If you haven't given us a reason to admire & look up to you then we don't. Just being male is not a good reason to think of you as a superior being.

You may think your better in your own mind but in reality thats the only place that you are.
I am not better than anybody else. But I am damn sure just as good.

Better get used to magazines because then you can be superior all you want with those gals.

Well, the first thing is that although I have these arrogant and sexist views (long pussy drought and bad experiences ;) ) I wuld never portray these views to a woman.
The whole idea is to “play the game” using carefully calculated moves to give the best chances of sucsess.
Telling a woman my views is like shooting myself in the foot before a running race.

Anyway I am less focused on women now as I have my education to look forward to.
And though I will be at the same campus as the girl I have (or had) the crush on I will just have to knuckle-down and focus on my future rather than some pussy.

Prickle, I know where you are coming from when you say what you say.
It’s not easy to look on the bright side when the room’s all dark.
Keep positive and think what you want about women.
Just try to put on a beleivable false image infront of them.
Because if you get a good reaction this will boost your personality for real.
__In the end the false image thing is just a spark to get thinks rolling in the right direction.

Keep it real (just not to the ladies ;) )

Loved going to Cuba! :)

I'm surprised that Americans can't go because their government says they can't!

Cascade, sorry to disagree, but that is just BS..
splease top trying to kiss prickle’s arse, there are no gold stars in this.

that false image stuff might work if you’re only out for some pussy, but if you want to connect with someone on a much higher level then you must be prepared to bare all about yourself and be 100% exposed to them..

There is nothing I have not told my girlfriend. I express my opinions openly and expect her to do the same. My deepest darkest secrets are hers, and hers mine.

We have a very strong relationship because of this… We can discuss anything, and I mean ANYTHING.

if I tried to just tell her what she wanted to hear all the time, maybe she would love me more, but if she found out I was bullshitting her, it would hurt her more than anything.

wake up


I have a little different take on your situation than many who have replied to your post. I am quite a bit older than you, but I think that my college experiences and subsequent life experiences have given me a perspective that I trust. When I was in college, I suffered from the same limitations of self-confidence that many (probably most) young men do. Fortunately, I embarked on an athletic career that gave me confidence and a sense of accomplishment. My crowning day came when I made All-American and had my portrait posted in the main athletic hall with the others who had attained the same acheivement. At this point, I knew that I could win in sports and win with women also.

During this time period, I met a gorgeous sorority girl who I immediately developed a crush on. I asked her out to a fraternity party and she giggled a little and said “No, I don’t think so.” I was a bit embarrassed for a moment and then responded “Well, if you are as good a person as you are beautiful, you might reconsider later on”. She cocked her head and looked at me quizically, and I gave her a killer smile and walked away.

A week later, I sent her a funny card with a note that I was thinking about her. A week after that, I sent her flowers. Throughout this period, I was busy, I was having fun, and I would give her that killer smile whenever I passed her on campus. One day, I saw her sitting with some of her sorority sisters in the student union building. I walked up to them and said “Hi”. I turned to her and said, “You look gorgeous today. How about going out with me Friday night?” Her jaw dropped and her sorority sisters began giggling their heads off. She got red in the face and said “I can’t believe that you are asking me out in front of my sorority sisters”. I said, “Every one of them wishes that a great guy would come up and ask THEM out!” They all stopped giggling and stared at her. She smiled and said, “Well, maybe”. I said, “Great, I’ll pick you up at your dorm at 7”.

We went out on several dates and she eventually became nuts about me. I ended up breaking it off because she got so serious that the word “marriage” started coming up.

There is a point to this story. When a woman begins to see facets of your character, she will often change her mind. Not always, but often. If the girl that you are interested in is special, you don’t have to take no for an answer. Be carefully persistent. Send her a card. Give her your best smile. When you walk by her, shake your head, smile and say “You’re gorgeous”. You may be surprised to see subtle changes in the way that she reacts to you. She has perceived you to be a certain type of person. Show her that you are different than what she thinks. Be confident. If she doesn’t come around, your efforts will still pay off. Other girls will see you and appreciate you. Don’t be shy and reserved. Portray confidence and poise all the time and you won’t believe what will happen.

Good luck!

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Good post jelktoid

I now have to think about my whole situstion.
I am always a positive person (fake) in public so emitting a “positive glow” should be no problem.

I will probably go for another girl or supress my sexuality for a while to concentrate more on my future.

I am not that popular with some girls for some reason, as they seem to despise me even though I have never said anything bad to then (or at all!) and if I have it has been good stuff, so I can’t understand why they would hate me so much?

I that with this girl that I like, two of the girls she hangs around with are the ones that despise me the most and once when I was walking with a friend of mine in the corridors she was with her friend (one of the ones that hates me) at her locker and her friend said as we walked past “fags”.

They may have been spreading sh*t about me for some reason, making stuff up to make the girl I like feel negative toward me :( ?
Because of this I probably have no chance of ever getting her acceptance.

Funny thing is that on several times we exchanges extremly personal things that I doubt with some of the things she said had told anyone else.

This is why it makes no sense.
I have no idea why her friends would hate me!?!

Also of note is that of all her friends the two that dan’t like me, one is fat and the other is ‘skanky’ slutty and just plain ugly.
Her other friend is actually quite hot but doesn’t hate me and we get on quite well actually.
There is another girl that is her friend too (average to ugly looking) but she is quiet and really says nothing to me at all.

I don’t know if it is just me but I think i’m seeing a pattern here.
What do you guys think?

__PS, secs, lying is the way if you keep track of the BS you say.
Make it seem plausable but good enough so you get more of what you want.
Honesty and sharing all your secrets is never good and you are “showing your hand” so to speak. :down:

I am not kissing prickles arse here, I am just pointing out what I see fit, and that is that people get treated shit by society and they have every right to be down in the self-confidence area.
Falsley boosting your self-confidence is not wrong or bad or a sin, it is simply a way to give yourself a boost in the right direction.

And why the hell would I want to kiss arse anyway!?
The closest I would get to kissing arse would be giving a chick a rimjob.

Loved going to Cuba! :)

I'm surprised that Americans can't go because their government says they can't!

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sounds like you needed a wingman to get the dogs away from her and poisoning her mind to you. Misery loves company and these chicks may have been jealous that you were interested in her and not them so they sabotaged it to keep thier friend on thier level. Sounds sick and it is but I have seen it too many times.

I think I’d stick by my first impression and move on, live and learn. Be friendly to her, she might come around, but exude confidence and avoid appearing clingy and needy.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Some caution too

I do certainly agree with jelktoid’s post a few back. he is very correct. I must state a companion rule to it. Have some tact when following his plan. Otherwise if you play it too intense and “creepy” in her view, you get labeled as a stalker. That’s just not a name you want to be spread about you. But I know Jelktoid didn’t have to worry about that.

Just have some thought when doing this so the best image could come out for you. Wingmen and Friends are excellent to have as stalkers don’t travel in pairs or greater numbers. The stunt in front of her peers is awesome social psychology at work. I am envious! Plus he played it safe by appearing to her where she felt safe amongst the large number of her friends in a public place.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Hey Cascade

Forget the “game”, it’ll be easier on you. If she likes you, hopefully she’ll come to you.

When I was in high school I had similar problems. I’m romanticist at heart and a real gentleman, but do you think I could get a girlfriend? Nooooooooooo, course not. High school is evil because the maturity is just not there for a lot of people (not saying all people). Had a girl that I really liked and my female friends said I should write her poetry… big mistake. She avoided me AND hated me after receiving it, even though I said I was happy just being her friend. <shrug>

As Luvdadus said:
“I think I’d stick by my first impression and move on, live and learn. Be friendly to her, she might come around, but exude confidence and avoid appearing clingy and needy.”
Great advice… I’d take it ;-)

Anyway, good luck, try to be less arrogant ;-) (not being rude) and don’t worry!



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