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My situation (premature ejac)

My situation (premature ejac)

Hi all out there, just want to say that I think this PE-forum is far the best of the ones I’ve visited. My first real post on a very embarrasing subject…

First off, I am 18 and not very experienced with sex. I’ve been with some women at parties etc, and the result has always been premature ejaculation (talking about maybe 5-30 sec). I think my record is about 50, but that was in a threesome with a friend which probably turned me off :p

This position is very bad, but it would be even worse. I didnt have sex in a few month until recently and during this time I spent alot of time with getting used to PE and doing it. I learned that training the PC-muscle was good for pre-ejac, so of course I trained the hell out of it…

A couple of weeks ago and till last weekend I’ve been seing this girl and we have tried to have sex. But now I didnt come after 30 sec, I came during the foreplay, when we were kissing and touching each other etc… Just imagine how embarrasing when she is getting ready to be penetrated and I must try to explain that Im already finished… almost comical :’(

Im pretty sure that it is the kegels that I’ve been doing that has fucked this shit up even worse, so Im gonna lay them of for a while. Noticed that it was the same effect as some other guy had at this forum: whenever I move the foreskin up and down it automatically kegels.

Are there perhaps any way to un-train the muscle? And is reversed kegels better for lasting longer?

I am not really nervous in bed. Me and this girl has been talking it over and she says she dont care about my problem, which feels very great. So theres no tension or fear that I’m gonna let her down…

I have tried taking deep breaths and solving 2-grade equations in my head but it doesnt help, the same as for jerking of before… I think I came about 5 times within 2 hours or so… the last time I could actually do a few pumps which took my back till where I were before.

I’ve seen alot of threads about these kind of subjects so I hope maybe some of you have some feedback and tips about what I should do. I hope deep inside that this will go away when I’m getting older but it really doesnt feel like it. Btw, gonna try a hypnosis tape I’ve downloaded. Can give you the link if someone wants it…


Hey Tokstollen

There is a book: How to Make Love All Night (and Drive Your Woman Wild) by Barbara Keesling.

This book explains in easy to understand steps how to have male multipul orgasms……..I own it and it has not only allowed me to last as long as I choose too…….it has also make my orgasms more intense.

A big part of learning this is having strong PC muscles, so don’t give up the kegels………..

Also you may want to start taking Yohimbe - this also helps me last longer - any vitamin store will carry it.

Hope this helps.


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When you masturbate, do you do it as fast as possible? If you do, consider a change in pace. Take your time and condition yourself to last longer for now on. When you feel yourself about to cum, STOP. Then start again, then STOP. (This is called edging.) Do this a few times, and you’ll become more aware of how things are feeling, and you can slow down the pace and be more in control.

Here are some threads that might help you:

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Thanks for the quick answers!

seanjacobs, I’ve read that kegels can actually be bad for premature, so I’m pretty afraid of them. Anyone else who has been experiencing a negative effect from it?

superstroker, yeah I’ve begin doing that excersise. But what is the difference between edging and the Masters & Johnson teqniqe? in the M&J you should do it 3-4 times and then come… should you not come when edging or what?

You come after you’ve edged several times. Sounds the same as M&J technique you’re talking about. Keep at it and let us know how it’s working for you.

Also, about the kegels. Do you notice yourself flexing hard during sex? I know that if I flex my PC while having sex, I come faster. But if I just relax and don’t flex as much, I can go for what seems like a long time. Basically, exercising the PC* muscle is for building up enough flexing power so when you do finally come, you can clamp down on that PC muscle and prevent ejaculation so you can keep going. I haven’t been able to do this, but then again, I can’t stick to a regular kegel schedule either. Just food for thought.

Hey Superstroker,

It is impossible for a man to stop ejaculation (no matter how strong you pc) if you have your eyes closed when you reach orgasm. I know it sounds strange, but it is true. (speaking from experiance)

I use to have the same issue, if I contracted my pc’s during sex I came faster. Now, after reading the book and following the steps, flexing the pc’s during sex helps to prevent ejaculation.


1999: 6" EBPL X 5.25" EG ~ 2001: 7" EBPL X 5.75" EG ~ 2003: 7.25" EBPL X 6" EG

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doesnt anybody else have experienced or finds it very strange with coming without touching the penis :s

I had this happen to me a few times which was really shit, but since I’ve been erect jelqing my staying power and whole sexual control both mentally and physically has increased almost daily…….just make sure you don’t cum while doing your work-out and that when masturbating you t-a-k-e y-o-u-r t-i-m-e. This will take a few months, but trust me it’s well worth it :D

You could also try chilling on the kegels and only doing them every other day…….I found this helped as my PC wasn’t sooo knackered.

formeandmywife: how do you jelq when erect. Do you mean like 90 % because its pretty hard to get some good pressure when its hard and it doesnt feels as you can move any blood

There are 2 ways to Jelq while erect; Dry jelqing and Wet jelqing. Although these are primarily for girth gains, others and myself have had successful length gains too.
Look in the tutorials for Erect Jelqing and choose the one you think suits you best. Once you get the hang of it you WILL feel the blood move (which feels very pleasurable). Incorporate about 10-20 minutes of this in your routine and you should be well on your way to lasting longer in bed. I tend to add a little tug on the end of mine, just to work the ligs too.

Good luck, and have fun :D

well shit, me and my girl tried the masters and johnsson techniqe yesterday. And guess what, it took me like 5-10 minutes to come which is like 10 times better then the best time before yesterday. Dont know why it worked so good, but usually I come just as fast when she jerks me off, but can’t complain :D

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