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Multiple orgasms and sensitivity

Multiple orgasms and sensitivity

I think I may have been born a freak of nature. Ever since I started off, I’ve masturbated 2-5 times in a row whenever I do, then keep the erection for 10 minutes or so after that. I never really thought that this was completely normal, but now I’m thinking that it may be unhealthy; I’m seeing a few of negative side effects of this.

The first problem I’ve seen is decreased sensitivity where I already have a low sensitivity. This makes sex a little difficult at times, for instance, I’ve never found a girl who would keep going until I tired out. So, my question to you folks is: Is there anything I can do to increase sensitivity?

I really hope this isn’t some sort of precursor to a problem I may have later in life either. I’m in my early twenties now and really don’t want to have something like ED or impotence creep up on me. Is there any kind of long-term penalty to overdoing the orgasms?

Thanks for your time.

There are guys who can hold an erection after they cum; I think it is about the interplay of prolactin and other chemicals in their specific makeups.

Does this ejaculation delay occur only when you have intercourse, or also when you masturbate?



Sometimes I wish I had your problem. My problem has traditionally been way too much sensitivity. I knew I had a problem when after some foreplay went to have sex with my girlfriend and came within probably 30 seconds of starting. I’ve never been more embarresed in my life. I’ve been getting really good at holding back orgasms and can last for 20-30 minutes or more now, so I guess we’re kinda similar now.

Goi, I sure would like to have your problem…


are you eating SSRI’s by any chance?

For increased sensitivity, it seems a few (for instance I) get more sensitive from eating Omega3 (EPA & DHA). Lots of threats about Fish oil here, check out the ones started by Hobby, Para-Goomba and Zaneblue.

regards, mgus

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