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Morning woods


Morning wood is over rated. Stop looking at hairy women.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Originally Posted by Springer240

Your fine. I’m about your age, and I never used to get morning woods. Why? I masturbated as frequently as you. I bet you never have nocturnal emissions either right? Right. If you want morning woods, don’t masturbate so much.

Yep, me neither. Never had a wet dream.

Hi dyablo,

I think our situations are fairly different, for one I am twice your age. I don’t recall having morning wood for the past couple of years, except for the past couple of days, where I have been woken up by a hard morning wood. I am 1-2 months into doing PE, so I can’t really pinpoint a reason, but a couple of days ago I did start doing the spreading exercise that cheeva describes.

I still have been ejaculating at least once a day, but doing the spreading exercise has cut that down. My gut feeling is that doing the spreading, in place of just rubbing one out, is giving me the morning wood.

PE aside, I am not sure I like getting morning wood as I don’t like getting woken up :) But, I am taking it as a good sign that my PE is going well, so for the moment it is a nice way to start the day and I hope I keep getting them.

I don’t recall ever having morning wood either. I’m 42 and I might have had it early on in my teens but definitely not since then.

Dyablo, what is your kegeling routine? Do you kegel at all? The last few months I have been concentrating on kegeling and been waking up with some pretty soild wood. This is without having had morning wood for years (even when I was having sex 3x a week at 17). I am about your age and I suggest that you try “serious” kegeling.might help.


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