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Morning Wood

Morning Wood

If I go to sleep naked, I almost never wake up with morning wood. But if I wear shorts or underwear or whatever, I wake up stiff, so to speak. Why is that? Does that happen to anyone else?

Maybe the little guy is trying to escape from your underwear!

That’s probably about constriction, the press of fabric as you move about in the night.

Whatever you sleep in, including nothing, you should be having 4 to 5 nocturnal erections, each lasting about a half hour. That doesn’t mean you will necessarily wake in the morning to one although it’s likely you would fairly often since most REM sleep occurs late in the sleep cycle.



I always sleep naked, and most of time I become awake with very stiff wood.

Either way naked or in shorts/ PJ wake up with morning wood.

I rarely ever get morning wood. I don’t really see it as a problem.

I do and I don’t. Just depends when I wake, how much sleep I’ve had, etc, etc. But damn sometimes I have to wait 15 or so minutes till I can take a morning leak. :P

I don’t see it as a prob either.

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I had wood so hard last night it hurt, I thought it was going to bust out of my skin. I wish I had the tape measure close buy because it was the biggest I ever was. Thanks PE it’s nice that a guy in is 30’s getting the best wood of his life.


That same problem happens to me to dino, it happens if i masturbate about an hour before bed. It feels like my dick is trying to grow up through the glands, it dosent happen much but it is a little painful when it does.


>Thanks PE it’s nice that a guy in is 30’s getting the best wood of his life.

Wow you’re in your 30’s I always assumed you were mid 40’s the avatar screams midlife crisis ;)

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Hey ain’t you dead? I don’t know what that avatar of yours screams maybe balerina or something “hehhe”. I had a harley since I was 18 before it was a 20,000 dollar rich boy’s toy. See I just never grew up.


Getting wood in the morning is a ritual that I have become accustomed to so much that if I don’t get it… then I start to get worried and I even cut back on the intensity of my workouts until I see that wood in the morning again. :)

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I always have and always will sleep naked, I can’t see what the need for clothes is when you’ve got sheets. Plus skin on skin in the middle of the bed is the best :)

Anyway my point was that since PEing I’ve been waking up more and more with proper wood, and sometimes the only way to get ride of it is to gently wake up my lady.


Used to try that with the x it didn’t fly very well most of the time, sort of like hitting a bee’s nest and waiting to see what happens. Your lucky


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