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Moles and Birthmarks

Moles and Birthmarks

If you have a small “skintag” thing on your body that’s connected by a tiny bit of skin, do you think it would be safe to just clip it off yourself (with sterilized clippers and latex gloves) instead of spending like a couple hundred dollars for a dermatologist to do the exact same thing?

I’ve been contemplating a bit of “home surgery”. Lookout Dr. Zizmor…

My dad did that, first he iced it down to numb it then he sterilized a cuticle nipper and cut that sucker off. He said it hurt though.

You’d probably bleed quite a bit. It would be less messy to get some fine thread and tie it off at the base with a solid square knot. This cuts the circulation and allows it to dry up and fall off in a few days. The only problem with this is tying the thread if the skin tag is in a difficult location. I had one under my right arm and couldn’t tie one-handed. Had to have someone tie it for me.

I have one that used to be on the base of my dick,now it is on the shaft(go figure that one). I tried this shit and it grew back, it also hurt like there was no tomorrow, I wouldn’t advice you to mess with it at all.

westla, it also bleed like hell too.

It’s not on my dick, it’s on my lower back off to the side. I hate it. It’s not large, but it’s there. It’s barely attached by a string of thin flesh. I’d rip it off, but that might do more damage than I want. I figure clipping it would work. I know it’ll hurt, but how bad could it be? It’d be worth it just to get rid of it. Maybe if I’m bored later, I’ll go for it.


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Come on Ben ,I know it’s not on your dick, but it is still the same problem. When it comes right down to it, you will do what you want to do, we only gave you advice on what you asked for. I really don’t think many will sit around and debate with you on this.


One of my friends had one on his chest. Tied it with thread and let it die. It worked, and I would’ve heard about it had it turned out problematic.

I had one on my stomach that I cut off with a razor. Bled like hell for a couple days. It was big, though, like a third nipple on my stomach. I made sure to drink alot of wine before I started cutting. I don’t do pain well.

It made me a bit queasy to watch myself do it, or maybe I just drank too much. Also, I didn’t cut it down flush, so I’m going to have to perform some follow-up surgery when I get the nerve.

I had some terrible one’s on my cock when I was younger. I took a pair of really sharp scissors to them, and I couldnt’ be happier about it. It looks like they were never there :D . I have heard from people that the thread thing works, but I never tried it.

Btw, if you chose to cut it off yourself, I have a tip for you. If you pinch the skin your cutting for a little while you can drain the blood out of it and temporarily defer circulation…. the cut will be less painful this way and easier to do… but it’s still gonna hurt.

I did the thread thing to a small one on my nipple. Turned black and fell off in 3 days. I put a band-aid over it so it wouldn’t get rubbed and hurt. Now it’s like it was never there.

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So that string method works? Hmmmm, I think I got some dental floss somewhere around here…

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Are theese like little mole type things ? I have one red little thing on my side, its quite sensitive, it looks like a mole but is smaller and redder and sticks up quite high , its also feels kinda different.

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