Mjukus problem...

Okey so I’ve been having more and more problem with mjukas under the foreskin.
And I’m pretty sure it’s not a yeast infection anymore since I’ve tried anti-infection
cream with just mildly result.

So I read the vinegar thread and thought that the PH-value beneath the foreskin
might have something to do with it? Maybe even that I’m using to much soup in the
washer? Maybe I have a lousy toilette paper?

Just so you know, this mostly ONLY occur to uncut men, and not everyone even then.

I shower twice a day, but even then I can sometime see resemblance of it…
Not on the surface mostly (unless i forget to shower a second time per day.) But
if I rub it, it starts to be visible…

I’m gonna try the vinegar cocktail, but wondering if anyone else have a solution?

/Mvh räven