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Mental erection

Mental erection

Hi guys.

Need some advice.

My penis only goes erect with physical stimulation, it’s like seeing a naked woman is not enough anymore. I even feel very horny but my penis is kinda not following. So I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions how to train your mental spontaneous erection. It’s the same when I’m masturbating, I have to use physical stimulation to get erect. I do kegels and egde, but I haven’t quite seen the results of it yet.

This is becoming a little problem in the sex with the better half, as she just loves when a man gets a booner just by looking at her. And she is really really beautiful, and I worship her body to death. So this issue is really bothering me.

Im 21 years old by the way, so this is uncommon as my EQ should be at it’s best. But it sucks compared to others at my age.

Here’s a post I made two days ago in another thread in response to the comment below. Hopefully this can help.

Originally Posted by Narrator
Hm. When masturbating, my head gets a nice expansion, but when not touching myself, and getting an erection (night wood) my head is not inflated while the shaft is rock hard. Strange.

Reponse by PEfanatic:

There’s a difference between being hard and being engorged. I think a simple, better understanding of the penis can help a lot of guys experiencing what you’ve described. Most guys, when they get an erection, look at it as if the only thing getting erect is the visible portion of the penis protruding from the body. This gives a lot of men the idea that an erection only fills this portion of the penis. When in reality, an erection starts in the 4 - 6 inches of penis within the body, which is commonly referred to as the “inner penis” on this site.

So in reality, if you have a 6 inch penis, during a fully engorged erection, there is actually about 10 - 11 inches of penis becoming erect. The penis actually starts way back near your asshole, where the openings to the CC and CS are located. This is why it feels like the entire pelvic region is swelling up during a full erection. Here’s a exercise to try. It may take a week or so to get accustomed to, but it will eventually get you much more in tune with what is happening to your dick when it gets fully erect:

Get yourself as relaxed as possible and regulate your breathing. Withoug using any hands or looking at pornography, use your imagination to become aroused. I would even suggest not looking at your dick, so that you can get more accustomed to the way it feels when the entire penis (including the inner penis) becomes fully engorged. Focus on the feeling of the blood pumping into the penis from the base of the penis. When I say “base of the penis” I’m referring to the base of the inner penis, not the visible portion protruding from the body. For a full erection that keeps the glans engorged, you will feel the pressure concentrated in the base, and this is when it feels like the entire penis is being pushed out from deep within.

I practice this all the time, and I’ve found that it’s easier to practice sitting down. Once you get accustomed to it, begin practicing it standing up or laying flat on your back.

It’s also an ego boost to realize that even if the visible portion of the penis is average size, there is actually anywhere from 9 - 12 inches of dick that’s erect!

This is a different type of erection that quite frankly, a lot of men never experience. But a simple, and better understanding of your own body can allow them to have these types of erections.

There are a few male pornstars who have this type of erection in every scene. The two that come to mind are Tommy Gunn and Alan Staford.

Keep in mind there are other factors that can hurt your EQ that we must be careful for:

Unhealthy Diet
Poor Cardio
Lack of sleep
Desensitizing of the penis due to vigorous masturbation or PE
Desensitizing of mental sexual arousal due to excessive pornography

Hope this helps! Anyone feel free to add!

The worse thing you can do now is to make this problem bigger and bigger.

Can I suggest you something? Take a while from sexual relations and try it again before.

Maybe it can work!

Beginning: 5,9" (15cm) x 4,4" (11cm)

STG: 6,3" (16cm) x 5,1" (13cm) :: LTG: 6,7" (17cm) x 5,5" (14cm)

Now: 5,9" (15cm) x 4,8" (12,7cm)

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