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Originally Posted by NeedHalfAnInch

Too many kegels or not enough?

Too many I think.

One of the functions of the BC muscle is to compress the bulb of the penis to force blood toward the glans and make it (the glans) harder. This usually occurs at ejaculation with an erect penis. The glans and bulb are connected by the corpus spongiosum which surrounds the urethra. Another thing the BC muscle does is help eject semen through the urethra to the outside. Again during an erection at ejaculation.

This forced spurt of a liquid within the urethra also occurs when flaccid and urinating. That last bit of urine in the urethra can be forcefully expelled by a quick squeeze of the BC. Most guys learn how to do this and may not have ever heard of Dr. Kegel’s exercise. In a public toilet you can hear this. There’s a steady sound of urine hitting the water which slowly diminishes as the bladder empties. When all of the urine is drained you’ll hear that last forced squirt of urine hit the water just before the guy zips up and walks away.

I believe that an overdeveloped BC muscle, stronger from doing kegels, may somehow not be able to compress the urethra in the same way it was able to before it got stronger (or perhaps larger). Perhaps it can only compress a short segment of urethra and cannot develop enough force to push the liquid out. I haven’t studied or thought about this long enough to come up with a good explanation.

I do know that since I’ve been doing kegels for so many years that I also can no longer shoot semen like I used to. Now it only dribbles out or spurts only a little bit. Not the strong, chest (or shoulder) splattering shots I used to make when jerking off. Seems to be the same problem with a different fluid.

Happens to me too.lolz

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This has always happened to me even before I started PEing, now that I’ve started PEing I don’t really see much of a difference. I use the tp trick in most cases.

I do not think it is anything related to pee. Your uretha dooes not get more narrow from PE’ing. It has happened to me for as long as I can remember. I just let my boxers absorb that last drop because i would be standing over the toilet for too long trying to get that last drop out. I am going to stop doing kegels for a while.

Happens. I don’t think it’s PE related at all as my 9 year old son has mentioned it also.

How long you guys been pissing standing up? It’s life with a dick. If I know I’m going to be on the receiving end of some oral, then I might give it a quick wipe with a wet wash cloth or “freshen up” with one of those moist wipe things that are always in abundance here. Warning - don’t use the alcohol based wipes on your dick, your ass will forgive you though.

I was gonna say, RootCap's hot. - kitten

I always thought that was completely normal. It happened to me all my life. However, I found a solution by the time I was about 15. I realized that if you squeeze it, you still have more than half cock behind your balls; so if you shake it or squeeze it you’re only taking care of half of it. The pee still on the other half will drip by itself. So I started squeezing my urethra from behind my balls. I don’t know about yall but between my balls and my ass I have like 4-5 inches of cock. So every time I pee, i just put my fingers like 3 inches behind my balls and squeeze forward pushing the balls forward. Then, pushing my balls back with my fingers, squeeze the other half and everything comes out. No drip. Not even one drop. I’ve been doing this for over 15 years so I’m completely expert and fast with my technique. LOL

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No matter how

you shake and dance

the last few drops

land in your pants


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