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Hi everyone I’m new to this site. I’m interested in girth enhancement techniques. My measurements are 11cm girth (erect) and 16cm long (erect). I’m not interested in manual PE (extenders, jelqing e.t.c) I have an appointment booking in October to have MegaFill injections in Korea to increase my girth. It’s a pretty safe technique that involves injecting human tissue into your penis that acts as a scaffold for your own tissue to form, it’s a biological filler, like an injectable version of alloderm. I will be having the maximum amount allowed for my size which is 56ml and this will be costing me £5000. I will be then repeating this in another 6 months. I have pretty realistic expectations about having this done. I’m not expecting to have massive gains from this and any gains I do get I will consider a bonus. Although the doctor claims the gains from this are permanant I don’t believe this is true. My guess is that the gains will be semi permanant.

Has anyone on here had this treatment? Or does anyone know anyone who has?

I’m trying to get some feedback on how long the gains from this will last

Does anyone know anything about the permanancy of this technique?

Possible adverse effects (risks) of using any acellular dermal matrix allograft tissue or derivative products include:

failure of the graft
detachment of the graft
wound or systemic infection
an allergic or hypersensitive immune response
disease transmission…graft-sheet.htm

In that very same page is written also that the enlargement is not permanent.

I am coming over from a German forum which has unfortunately closed down. There were several very disappointed reports from surgeries.
There are other tragic reports on this website as well.

Surgery means manyfold risks: infection, scarring, falling prey to a incompetent doctor, an impostor, getting unaesthetic results, etc. etc.
When you can avoid surgery, avoid it at any cost!!!

Be aware that when you are from the UK and you travel to Korea for an operation, legal representation in case something goes wrong is next to impossible.
NEVER have key operations on you performed in a country where you don’t speak the native language and where you could not get access to proper, fair and powerful legal representation. NEVER. The doctor can charge you whatever he wants and carries no risk. Be aware of that.

First, try the manual options here. I have started out at 15.8 BPEL and 11.2 EG.
I am now at 17.8 BPEL and about 12 EG. Yes, its hard to gain girth, but give it a try. You only have one penis.

It takes time and discipline.
Give it some time. Try manual first. Do the Newbie routine, and after 6 months, slowly start with clamping and pumping for girth.

Over the process of manual PE and of interacting on the forums, after a while, your girth inferiority complex will subside
and you will get a slightly bigger penis and become a more mature and more happy man. Believe me.

Operations will not make you happy, they will scar you and make you regret it.
And they cost a fucking lot of money.

Originally Posted by Wreklaw

….. and this will be costing me £5000.

In Korea? I hope that includes Business Class flights and a 5* hotel. :shrug:

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

I born in a council house and raised on a council estate, now I’m rich because I’ve worked hard il spend my money on whatever I want.

Hi Wreklaw ,

Mate you can do what you like with your money that is totally up to you. But the guys here have all given you some very good advice regarding surgery and possible consequences and outcomes and you would be advised to listen and take there advice. Surgery should always only be the last option in any scenario.

A Small Leak Will Always Sink A Great Ship.

(Fat Pad 0.25")

I think you got us wrong. Nobody tells you what to do with your money! How could we?
Many of the guys who have answered to you have looked into penis enlargement for a long time and have done research from which this “wisdom” comes.

And while you might see a few successful cases on TV or on doctor’s websites,
very very few people talk about all those operations that either didn’t bring any meaningful gain or went terribly wrong, as that only add insult to injury.
The shame factor is immense: not only did the guy have a small penis, he was not even confident about himself, but seeked surgical relief, and oops he wasn’t successful with that. So for the many cases that went wrong, few will report about it.

Its easy to do cosmetic operations like liposuction or breast enhancement, as there is a lot of tissue to work with. But in the case of your penis, there is only one, it is not a lot of tissue, and if things go wrong, you might disfigure your best friend for the rest of your life.

Therefore, we only want to suggest to you to try manual procedures first, see how it goes, see how also your perception might change, and then decide.
Right now, you have put yourself into a state of mind that apparently makes objective judgement difficult.

Your penis is absolutely within norms. it is slightly longer than all published averages, and it is slightly less thick than the published median.
But it is nowhere a size that would justify surgery in the first place, and with a bit of patience, you might well bring it at a level that is above average in many respects.

I have heard the operation can pretty much ruin lives.

Do some research, and start with a bit of jelqing even for a month or two.. then get a pump that fits your goals, and do some clamping. the girth will come and it will be safe.

If you have money that’s great, that means you can afford to spend a few more hours in the week watching a little porn, getting a bigger penis and improving your erections.

As penis enlargement advice comes, this site is the very very best, and there are is no financially influenced advice.

Hi Wreklaw.

How was it?
It would be nice to know your experience.

I’ve been reading about Lipen 10, the studies and the before and after pictures.. Seems the best method available at this time.


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