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Measuring 100% errection during kegel - fair or unfair?

Measuring 100% errection during kegel - fair or unfair?

When I masturbate I tend to hold kegels to really inflate my dick - is this a misleading way to measure an errection?

On the other hand, if I am holding the kegel isn’t it an accurate representation of a 100% errection? When people have posted members’ pictures have they been holding kegels or just normal errections because with me there’s a big difference in girth and my errection angle is much higher.

Please advise.

It’s not misleading since measuring is just a progress indicator for your training.
And even (assuming people were honest about these things.. kk ;) ) then.. You would get to the size at the time of your orgasm (100-110%BPEL).. So it’s not even false ;)

And about the dick pics:
Unless the dick in the picture is clamped it’s probably LESS than 100% erect.. and thus is less long/thick (or as in my case, longer and thicker ;) ) when taking the picture.

Pics are really just good as a progress indicator.. and for motivating other guys. After all PE works if you do it diligently and intelligently :)


Thanks for the quick reply - very much appreciated.

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