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May Have Penile Cancer; Please Help


May Have Penile Cancer; Please Help

I never thought I would ever get any STDs or Penile cancer OMG. But Warts are vary commen…. Penile Cancer vary uncommon. I just need to know if you guys have any type of tumor like growth I explain in the last highlighted paragraphes.

Guys im really scared if I have penile cancer they may have to cut a part of my penis off. I almost feel as if my penis head was to be partially cut off and look disgusting then I may even consider killing myself. Im trying to stay positive and not let this take over me hoping its something else.

Sorry to be talking like this but I have to get this out and off my chest because I cant tell anybody else.

A couple months ago I got a wart on my penis. Got worried about it, thought it was herpes but turns out it was just a wart. That put a stop to my sex life for a while. Anyway turns out genital warts and even herpes are very commen and treatable. So I took some Aldara cream which was supposed to be applied 3 times a week to the treatment area. It basically comes in sachets and one satchet is one use. The docter said you can use the sachet again if you dont finish it but its usually used every second day 3 times a week. I wasnt very consistant with the treatment and ofter applied it every day to try and speed things up. Smart me made it worse and it ended up causing a rash on the testicles. Ended up at the clinic, docter said no more Aldara cream for me and gave me some tablets. I took them and the rash left and wart went away nicely.

That takes two problems away but leaves one. A couple of months ago the very tip of the penis on the head just below the the pee hole was puffed out because of friction I thought and was certain about. I also thought it might be from masturbation. Anyway it kind of hung around and again I thought PE and masturbation and maybe sex made it puff out a bit (my heads at ease at this point, no problem here im thinking). ALong with my rash on my testicle which I thought was Tinia between the legs, and the and the smaller warts that were appearing, was what looked like an ulceration on the tip and it even bleed once. Along with the discontinuation of Aldara and the medications I took, that penile ulceration look went away and never bleed again. The docter thought it was from friction too and took a swab of it for testing but didnt think it was anything.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++
So at this point I have a normal penis except at the tip under the pee hole (urethra I think its called) is like a small growth no bigger than 3mm. I think this varies with PE and masturbation? Its been there for months now and has cancer characteristics.
So my question is have you guys ever had this type of small tumor type growth?
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Im getting it looked at tomorrow and will be praying tonight, please spare a vary short prayer for my for forgiveness for what ever I have done in m past life. If my penis needs to be cut it could destroy my life esspecially at this stage that im not very stable and am back on the dope.

Thank you for listening

Originally Posted by jelqking
Guys im really scared if I have penile cancer they may have to cut a part of my penis off.

Screw that!

One of my friends had the exact same thing and his Doc. wanted to slice and dice as well. He went to a D.O.M. (doctor of oriental medicine) and the guy fixed him right up. They just tied a piece of string tight around the base of his penis and it dried up and fell off on its own in less than a week!

Anyhoo, hope things work out for you.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I got one 1mm cyst on every testicle, (nothing to worry about, but the doctor said i got to check them every 3 years) I found out about it because I got a pain in my crotch like 3 weeks ago, so I go to the urologist , thinking the worst of course, so he made me check myself, do an ultrasound on the area, blood tests, urine test, and turns out that it was a hernia like pain, because I “overtight” my training belt when I was on the gym. Pills and Ice on the area, and of course 1 month with no PEing. (I didn’t told him about PEing, I’m just going to take a month break, just in case ;) .

My point here is that I was SO worried, that I thought it might be some STD, some kind of cancer, or something like that. You will always get worried, specially, with all the information you can find, and all the “LOOK-ALIKE SYMPTOMS” , those you think that “maybe its this! or worse!…” The best thing I did was to go to the doctor, and don’t just suppose “why I feel this or that”.

Good thing you got it look up tomorrow, ask the doctor all your doubts, do yourself a favor and tell him that you want to do all posible test you can take on that body part. Spend an extra cash$$ (borrow money, use your credit card) so you get all the information you need. Hopefully it will be something treatable, and, if it don’t, please , CHECK ALL YOUR OPTIONS before you take a decision.

Once my grandfather said to me “Always get ready to hear the worst, so if it is, it won’t hit you so bad.”

Good luck man.

And please, keep us updated about your results.

It’s most likely not anything serious but it’s good your getting it checked. I will keep my fingers crossed for you bro.

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Jelqking sorry to hear about your challenges, I am not an expert in this field and I know that penile cancer is very rare . If time and resources allow please try consult other advise because even the opinion of the most schooled is still an opinion until proven fact. Regardless of your challenge there is another route to iron things out. I know it may be a very challenging period however if and where you can try keep positive,it will make a difference; this is not death sentence not to you or your penis, there is a solution. I ask that continue to keep us posted and go out there and get help in the required areas. Our hope and prayers are with you.

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Originally Posted by iamaru
Screw that!

One of my friends had the exact same thing and his Doc. wanted to slice and dice as well. He went to a D.O.M. (doctor of oriental medicine) and the guy fixed him right up. They just tied a piece of string tight around the base of his penis and it dried up and fell off on its own in less than a week!

Anyhoo, hope things work out for you.

You are not funny.

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

Good luck jelqking at the doctor.

Let us know what he diagnoses.

Hopefully it is just something minor that will clear up without much worry.

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I couldn’t understand from your post whether you did or didn’t have genital warts? If so, could this just be another wart popping up in a different place that may make it look different than the last one?

Thanks for your support guys. I felt better after writing that and i done some further research and its given me a little more hope. But the fact remains that I have a growth of some sort at the urethra and it has bleed once after it had an ulcer look too it. Maybe its not cancerous but they MAY have to do a biopsy which involves cutting a piece off for testing. Dont mean to sound like woos but thats my personal spot and is the last place I want I sharp knife put. Imagine having a piece of your penis head cut off or even a total penectimy. Imagine the pain and the embarrassment, imagine telling a partner you had a part of your penis cut off due to cancer.

On the positive side there is chemo and radiation therapy but they are both serious treatments. It may also be treated with medication or a cream, laser or burnt away. Staying positive I shouldnt even look that far because I dont know that it is cancer. Like I said the docter took a swab of it but said she doesnt think its anything. Doesnt look like wart to me its the same color as the glands only a growth. But its been there for months and thats what bothers me. Last night I convinced myself it was from PE and jerkin off and not letting it go back to normal. I convinced myself its not cancer and that it was just an irritant maybe a soup or some type of virus maybe and went to sleep without stress.
I must admit at this very second I feel the best I have about it. Anyway enough rambling from me.

24 hours- Yes I had a wart, took too much Aldara cream and it caused a very discomforting at times painful rash and ulceration on my testicle. Also I though the one at the tip was an ulcer because it had that appearance then bleed and then the ulcer appearance went away. Now its like a bump type growth.

I would rather not tell the docter about PE, what do you guys think?

Just my two cents worth jelqking; if you have a history of a wart or warts on your penis ‘pounds to peanuts’ this is another one.

It is in a very precarious position if it’s right on the tip and every time you pee you may be adding a source of contamination and cross-infection.

I acknowledge you for getting straight off to the doc. I would not think it necessary to bring up the PE thing but for your own (and your dick’s) sake it might be a good idea to take a PE break whilst you get back to having a 100% healthy unit.

Do your best not to worry. I’m sure it will turn out to be a fixable problem.


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Originally Posted by jelqking
I would rather not tell the docter about PE, what do you guys think?

TELL HIM! but after the gives you a diagnostic, and if he CAN’T figure out what is that and why you got that, tell him you do X excersices to increase your penis size and circulation. That might sound crazy to him, but let him know about it so he can give you a good medication/diagnostic/treatment.

Like I said before, I got some pain gym-related on my crotch, after a week of pills and ice, I try to do some low weight hanging again, just 2 sessions, and I start to feel a little pain in the same area. So, obviously, I decide to take an extra month without PEing, to be on the safe side ;) . Better wait 1 or 2 months for a healthy dick, to rush things up and fuck up your unit again :D .

And please, DON’T wait to do yourself all the test the doctor told you to do, its better know already and sleep well, than just guess and fool yourself.

Keep us updated!

Man I hope things work out for you.

I see no reason to worry about cancer at this point. Do the tests the doctor wants and let the facts guide you.

If you’re doing PE, stop.

I had a spot on the side of my face that seemed to almost heal and then break open and bleed. This went on for most of this last summer. I thought I had skin cancer. It would usually bleed when I shaved. Finally, I was very careful to avoid it when shaving, and I let it heal. Even with no disturbance, it probably took a full month to go away. It is now completely gone and was obviously nothing.

Horny Bastard

Originally Posted by mravg

It is now completely gone and was obviously nothing.

Almost certainly an ingrown hair. Next time just stick the tweezers in there and wrench it out, and it will heal in a very few days.

I hope Jelqking’s problem is as simple. Keep us informed JK.

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