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May Have Penile Cancer; Please Help


Originally Posted by firegoat

Almost certainly an ingrown hair. Next time just stick the tweezers in there and wrench it out, and it will heal in a very few days.

I hope Jelqking’s problem is as simple. Keep us informed JK.

Very good diagnosis Firegoat. I think it was an ingrown hair also. I had a similar problem once and finally one day I was digging at the scab and found a hair that was probably 3/8” long! And it was darker and thicker than my usual facial hair. It was quite a relief to yank that motherfucker out.

Horny Bastard

Jelqking -

Hope you’ve had some reassuring news from your doc by now. It’s good to take notice of your junk and to be on an intimate basis with it, but worry is never productive. Get it looked after. To reassure you, genital warts may be related to penile cancer (as they are to cervical cancer), but only a few of the several “strains” of the HPV (human papilloma virus) are involved. Also cancer of the penis is rare, and almost never seen in circumcised men, or men who visualize their glans regularly (as in peeling back your 4skin when you take a leak, etc.). The little thing just inside your urethral meatus (the “slit”) is most likely a wart. A good urologist, or even a skilled compassionate primary care doc, can get rid of most warts relatively painlessly, when there are only a couple of them. You might ask if you can try Aldara again - only this time follow the instructions, which include applying the stuff sparingly just 3 times weekly, and washing it off after 6 hours! Once you’re rid of the things, go easy on your dick for a while (as in lubricate well for both masturbation and intercourse). Good luck.

- Rip

P.s. To check and see if you’ve got more than the two warts you can see, take a clean washcloth and soak it in plain vinegar, then wrap it around your penis for about a minute. You’ll see that the warts will swell up slightly and assume a “cauliflower-like” appearance. You can do this after you’ve been treated from time to time as well, to check for reinfection or a new infection. BE SURE TO WASH THE VINEGAR OFF WITHIN A MINUTE OR TWO OF DOING THIS, or you’ll WISH you didn’t have a dick!


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