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Masterbation before puberty


My experience:

I remember masturbating on the summer in between 5th grade and 6th grade.
And that would be (atleast in Sweden) when you are 12 years old. Although I
remember clearly that I didn’t blow any loads at that time. Remember that I got
‘glad’ when I finally shot a load about 2 years later. And boy was I glad for nothing! :D
The gooeyness and stickyness the need to think before you shoot. Just a pain in the “#¤%&/( :D

And btw, This had nothing to do with my size as I believe but what had to do with my curvature
and the way it looks up at me when I’m shaving in the morning. Is simply because I always,
and a really mean always, for some small exceptions. Used to keep my schlong upwards tight to the belly.
If it fell down I picked it up again. And thank god for that, it really earned it’s effort I think. :)

/Mvh räven

Well, I did not.. If I remember correctly I started mastrubating pretty late in puberty. Before PE I had average length, and a bit above average girth.

Me and my Junior school pals used to Masturbate like crazed Bonobo chimps, way before starting puberty, at age 10.

I discovered what an orgasm was for myself, before I knew what it was called.

I told a couple of my friends, who promptly went home and discovered it for themselves. We had no idea what an orgasm was and called it ‘the feeling’.



Originally Posted by Russell4
Maybe I’m a weirdo,

I know I had orgasms before puberty- way before puberty. Thats probably why by dick stopped growing early…

Is there any truth or theory behind this? I remember feeling the same way when I was younger.

Originally Posted by blackfuryy
Is there any truth or theory behind this? I remember feeling the same way when I was younger.


I started masturbation before I reached puberty. Orgasms were great and I’d masturbate every chance I got. It was all good until I started ejaculating though.LOL.

I masturbated way before puberty. I started masturbating at the age of 8 I wasnt ejaculating. I didnt ejaculate till late 15’ early 16’s thats right I was a late bloomer. It really sucked!

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