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Mail-order saliva hormone tests

Mail-order saliva hormone tests

My libido is definitely way down over the last year or two and I’m wondering if it’s from too much concern about dick size, too much looking at porn (for PEing), or simply lowered hormone levels. So I was thinking of ordering one of these pretty inexpensive saliva tests where they test a couple of the key male hormone levels.

Anyone have any experience with these? I’ve heard at least some of them are good, but I don’t which ones or anything else about them really, for that matter.

No one? I’m surprised. So many of us are conscious of our libidos, sexual performance, etc. I think the saliva tests are the cheapest and easiest way to check our hormone levels.

Why don’t you just get a legit blood test?

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I did saliva tests several years ago, and got results from two different vendors that were completely inconsistent and just goofy. Things may have changed, but at that time I don’t think saliva tests were reliable. Since then I’ve been using the regular blood tests available in the US through

I would advise a saliva test only as a last resort and even then as a preliminary to regular blood tests. ZRT is good vendor for the saliva tests. PrivateMD Labs is a good vendor for regular blood tests and doesn’t require doctor’s prescriptions, which will save $.

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