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Magnets and testicles. Safe?

Magnets and testicles. Safe?

I was recently thinking of making a ball stretcher and the material that I was going to use is magnetic. Is there anything wrong with that? I just want to make sure that it wont cause any damage or reproductive harm.

RG, I did a quick search using Google, and cannot find anything that says it can be potentially harmful. You do raise a good question and maybe someone else who has had experience with it can chime in.

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I can’t imagine them being harmful.

Yeah I made sure to do the same on Google beforehand, but I figured I would ask here first.

Great, thanks MDC. You can never be too careful when it comes to your..

Unless you’re exposing yourself long-term to a whopping magnetic field, like say by the large magnet in an MRI machine, there is no detrimental effect of low level magnetism. I’m not sure anyone would want to hang a magnet that big to their testicles anyway (though you never know). It actually has been demonstrated that low level magnetic fields are beneficial to blood flow due to its effects on the iron component of red blood cells.

The blakoe ring uses a steady electro magnetic current.

You can find here instruction for such a device to be worn around your testicles in order to increase Sperm motility.

Ball Zinger (Blakoe Ring)

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