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Lump on the sack

Lump on the sack

It’s third time that I remember getting this kind of lump. It appears on the side of the sack, about an inch or so away from where my leg and my sack cross. It’s about half an inch wide. What is it?

First time I got it I was in high school and got very scared but it went away after a couple of weeks. I wear jeans but I don’t think it’s too tight. 2nd time was about 2 months ago and on the right side, now it’s on the left. I think it happens when I don’t ejaculate for more than a week. I guess I will have to clean my gun more…

What kind pf PE’ing are you doing? Maybe you messed up a vein or something.

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I dont’ supose you’ve asked your doctor what it might be.

It might be something very simple, it might be something very serious. My advice is get to your doctor and have it looked at and checked out. I’d much rather error on the side of safety than to find out its cancer or something just as bad.

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Listen to the kid.

You don’t want a lumpy sac.


As far as you know it’s the same thing- but then you don’t really know much about it if you’re asking us, do you?

Nut cancer is real- get it checked.

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