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Low Testosterone Levels


Low Testosterone Levels

So I’m only 22 years old, and I realized something was physically wrong with me a couple months ago, and got my T-levels checked. I was at a low 290. Doc put me on Andro pills for a month and my levels jumped to 550. But after 5 weeks off the pills, my T-Levels have dropped even lower to 250.

I’m going to see a Urologist next week to discuss this and my ED problems, but I was hoping for as much input from you guys as possible, since I have to sit here and worry for the next week. What could cause someone my age to have low T-levels? If they put me on Testosterone, will it kill my sperm? Will my balls shrink? What can i do with my diet??? I eat meat as much as possible. MY workouts are so quick and tiresome these days. Am I wasting my time PEing, if my T-levels are low? PLEASE HELP. This shit is depressing me and I have no sex drive even though i’m taking VigRx.

Thanks guys, any information at all is well received.

I’m no expert but… first I have never heard that vig-rx helps with libido, it is a vaso dilator and may help increase blood flow to the penis but I doubt it would help your sex drive. (I tried it for several months in an attempt to make gains in penis size with no results).

As far as your T-levels dropping after you were on a hormone replacement I don’t think that is unusual, the body feels it has enough hormone circulating so it slows its own production of it and might take a while to “rebound”.

What to do? I don’t know. sorry. But search for threads on testosterone I know there are many. Going to see the urologist is a smart idea.

Good luck I’m sure some of the others will have some ideas. Have you done a search through google or another search engine? Maybe try medline or webmd.

Hope you find a workable solution. If you do it would be a great thing to share with the rest.


>What could cause someone my age to have low T-levels?<

Smoking, lack of exercise, obesity, watching daytime TV, poor diet, loads of reasons.

>If they put me on Testosterone, will it kill my sperm? Will my balls shrink?<

I don’t know about sperm production, but your balls will likely shrink. They will get bigger when your body produces T on it’s own again.

>What can i do with my diet??? I eat meat as much as possible.<

Balance it out better, and eat good shit, not junk. No bread, stuff with flour and stuff, sweets, chocolate etc. The more processed it is, the worse it is for you. Don’t eat as much things you buy in boxes, good things are oats, nuts, fresh stuff (salad, veg, fruit and all that), fresh meat, tuna, you know the sort. The closer the product is to when it came out of the ground (or animal), the better. Don’t start eating tree bark and live pigs though.

>MY workouts are so quick and tiresome these days. <

Do you do lift? When I lose motivation, the last thing I want to do is a multiple sets of deep heavy squats (or whatever), you can either force yourself to do it (which is what I do), or shift your workout program so it is easier, and build it back up.

>Am I wasting my time PEing, if my T-levels are low? <

Not at all, IMO T levels don’t matter.

>PLEASE HELP. This shit is depressing me and I have no sex drive even though i’m taking VigRx. <

Best see what the doc says.


Check into the two ED sites listed at the top of this page. There is a lot of discussion about tesosterone levels and replacement. You’ll learn a good deal while you’re waiting and will have the right questions to ask your doctor when you see him.



If you have a low testosteron level your balls are probably smallish already.

You need to find out if it is due to tesicular failure or failure of pituitary harmones. See an intenist or an endocrinologist to sort this out. Low testosterone levels can cause ED by itself, but often there is a psychologic over lay. at your age its probably not due to plumbing but could be psychological, hormonal, a mixture or even neurological. See both an interinist (or endocrinologist) in addition to the urologist.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Guys thanks for all the responses. I’m hoping the doc will say my ED has been psychological, and that Androgel will do the trick for me, and that’s that. But who knows.
Luvdadus, you’re righ ton the money with my small testicles. They’ve always been on the smaller side but I never cared too much. I do exercise as much as possible, but my doc said to exercise less because I have pretty severe joint problems in my shoulders, and wrists. I guess all I can do is try to eat healthier, but now is when i’t s hardest because depression makes me want to eat more. oh well. Thanks for the advice so far, any other info is much appreciated.


Listen to luvdadus; he is a doctor. See an endocrinologist. Also, check out the forums avocet mentioned.

You need tests in addition to total testosterone, such as free t, estradiol, prolactin, LH, and FSH. Probably a few others. With these results some things can be discovered or excluded, and a determination made whether you have primary or secondary testicular failure.

Once you have these results, the guys on the ASI group/forum can help you decide on treatment options. Unfortunately, many doctors, even endocrinologists, aren’t very knowledgeable about male hormones.

TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) may be in order. However, depending on exactly what the problem is there may be ways to preserve fertility while normalizing your hormones. As young as you are, this is an important concern.

Forget VigRx, arnt they so called magic penis enlargement pills, or scam pills as I like to call them. I wouldnt rely on them for libido. Try some horny goat weed or tribulus. They will make you produce natural testosterone production through LH hormone.

Low Test levels could be caused from excess fat, lack of exercise, poor diet, alcohol, drug use like marijuana and heroin, genetic make-up, maybe excess masturbation. Inactivity, stress or depression.

Increase it through weight training and exercise, supplementation and diet.

A change of lifestyle, more activity, some exercise, less stress a balanced diet and a multivitamin or a B complex (may increase appetite) for stress and less masturbation, could make all the difference with your ED. Also do
some kegals daily.

Testosterone replacement wont kill your sperm it will make more of it. Your balls wont shrink if the doctor has given you the correct directions of use and you follow them. You shouldnt abruptly stop taking the Test. I dont know what normal test levels range between are but you should look into it and find out if your test levels went above normal or average levels. If your test level of 550 is above the normal range you have not taken the appropriate dosage. Dont be taking more to get high levels of Test, just get in the normal range, playing with hormones is not a good thing and has its complications. After test therapy use some tribulus to get your natural product going again thats what steroid users do.

>Testosterone replacement wont kill your sperm it will make more of it.

Not true. Replacing testosterone will negatively affect the production of FSH, which is responsible for sperm production. Long-term TRT is likely to make him infertile.

>Your balls wont shrink if the doctor has given you the correct directions of use and you follow them.

They will shrink to a smaller size than if they were naturally producing an adequate amount of testosterone. He says his are already reduced in size. Supplemental T probably won’t make them smaller than they are now, at least not much.


Don’t take anything that is supposed to influence testosterone levels until you have had the tests. Get a baseline reading, not one that is possibly mucked up from various supplements. Also, testosterone is highest in the morning, which is when the blood sample should be drawn.

I don’t know why your doc would put you on adrogel at such a young age. That is a temporary solution to a long term prob. Unless you want to keep taking the adrogel forever, in the long run if you get off of it you will have more Test supression. As someone suggested above I would try tribulis, and if you can get clomid, which is perscription, that would be great, or an hcg shot. You could ask your doc about clomid or Hcg, but he prob won’t know anything about them since he put you on androgel. Go to someone else like and endocrineoligist.


If the testicles are in failure, they will never produce it and to get it you must take it (you can’t suppress something that is already not producing). Believe it or not his young age doesn’t mean that testosterone replacement is innappropriate.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I have a very high sex drive (scince i was 8) and I would have thought that it would have been great to have a low T count!

That way, if you don’t crave something you don’t miss it.

I think.

Loved going to Cuba! :)

I'm surprised that Americans can't go because their government says they can't!


He didn’t say that his testicales were completely shut down. It just looks like they are not fuctioning up to par. This is why I would suggest taking some sort of compound that will stimulate his natural testosterone production, and not something like Testosterone or andro which will only keep him in a state of suppression.

My testicles aren’t in failure (but they do seem quite small), so I think it would be great to naturally elevate their production. I just can’t figure out what’s wrong with em. I’m seeing the urologist this Thursday to check on my slight ED and my testosterone, but I am also setting up an appointment with an Endrocrinologist for better answers. I have been depressed for about 6 months now (though feeling a little better lately), and I know depression is correlated with low T levels, BUT don’t know which is causing which, so I have been in therapy also. My levels are at 250, which may still be within a normal range, just at the bottom part of the spectrum especially with me only being 22 years old.

Anyone have any idea why this could be? I’m in good shape, i exercise as much as possible, i don’t smoke, i drink once or twice a week, but i have lost confidence with girls, and I am tired as hell all the time (sleep about 10-11 hours a night). I have trouble getting complete erections even though i take VigRx. I added 50mg of zinc to my megamultivitamin. I am 5’10, only 150lbs (though i look like i should be 165), and i have myself some big love handles even though the rest of my body is pretty skinny. also i feel like my nipples are too big (prehaps related to estrogen production). Also, I’ve had some sort of severe joint problems for 2 years now, mainly in my wrists and shoulders, but i take glucosamine chrondriton, and they’ve gotten better (so i can JELQ happily!!!) When I wake up in the morning my body is totally weak, and I can’t even make a strong fist. If i stand up too quick I get very dizzy. But I do look healthy and have a pretty good physique (besides these damn handles). also, I am hypoglycemic with low blood sugar and low blood prssure.

I’ve been researching as much as possible, but most websites just try to sell weird products. Maybe all those factors are correlated or maybe i’m just paranoid. But I’m finally gonna see a doc for some answers, so wish me luck

thanks for all the input guys,


his levels were 250 and 290.

Either his tesicles are failing or the pituitary is failing.

If its the testicles then he needs exogenous testosterone.

If the pituitary then that needs to be addressed. Supplements aint gonna do it.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

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