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Low Testosterone Levels


Take some time off PE, and cut back masturbation to twice a week at most. See if that helps, but do it for a week and no less. See if that helps, it a simple one week experiment, give it a go.

Is there any food you can eat that encourages T production? Like eating soy is meant to have eostrogen, is there something for testosterone levels? I don’t really want to pop pills and would rather go for changes through a natural diet.

Well I finally saw my urologist the other day. First I talked about testosterone levels. We tested my blood for free-T and total-T, as well as my Prolactic level (all at 8am, when T-levels are highest). Prolactin relates to the pituitary i believe…thus giving me answers on possible tumors.

He gave me a 1 week sample of Testim to rub on my shoulders, and sent me to see an interist and an endrocrginologist.

I told him about my erectile problems, so he decided to stick hit fingers up my ass and pnch the tip of my dick. I had no idea it was coming, but it sucked. Anyway, he didnt even explain why he did it, and he said my ED problems are probably just cause of low testosterone.

I’ve decided to take a week or two of PE (I wasnt gaining after 4 months anyway so not much to lose). I’m seeing the internist this friday, and geting my bloods tests back….pray for me that there are no signs of cancer!


an Ave Maria has been sent up for you.

Hopefully you will only need testosterone replacement which should fix the erectile problem as well as the fact that you haven’t had any gains.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


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