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Longtime PEing healthy or not?


Good point avocet8. But the cells inside our dicks are mutated and we can’t hide from that fact. I do not know how much biologi you guys have read but mutations aren’t good for cells… I am just concerned our new (better) and bigger cells are long living or if they fuck up one day… Really sorry for my attitude here

Restarting everything.

Well I wouldn´t expect there to be mutations as such. Perhaps my definition of mutation is off, but I wouldn´t have thought that some chambers in a penis expanding, and some new cells begin created (because that is what happens when your penis grows when you´re young, new cells) would be dangerous.

I´ve done PE on and off for a couple of years, but really a month ago I probably only had a few hours jelqing and kegeling in for all that time. Now I´m in a solid routine because I´m unhappy about my size.

So far, after two weeks in the routine I have a gain. It´s not a normal PE gain, as in expansion or ligs being stretched (although I hope they´re on their way) it´s increased erection health. Through kegels and jelqing my erection is harder and much more veiny and has gone up by at least 1/8” which to me, girth-wise is very welcome.

It is my current view that PE, on the lighter side, is good for you. I would agree that constant stressing and battering of the penis may take it´s toll, but while you can do kegels and jelq… I think there´s hope for imporovement.

I know that some doctors recommed kegels and jelqing when patients complain of a penis that is too small to be useful.

Hm, as I’m still 18 it might be dangerous for me… I have heard that the dick grows and gets into your “adult” shape (which doesn’t have to mean longer or girthier) somewhere between 18-22. ICM: Cells are replaced all the time, no matter how old you are.

But, in my theory I guess stretching musn’t be harmful… Especially not lig stretch, can’t see anything dangerous with that. There are many people who have stretched their ligaments or muscles etc to become more athletic. Thats just okey. When it comes to stretch the penis tissue I have not enough facts to actually say yes or no. Combined with jelquing the stretching doesn’t have to weaken the erections as far as my thoughts goes. Because thats what many doctors claim, “stretching the dick will make you impotent” and that isn’t true. We have lots of evidence showing the opposite in this forum, right.

I am though very skeptic to balloon the dick. What is actually happening with the cells inside the chambers? Are they destroyed, replaced with new ones which are thougher or who can tell… If so that wouldn’t be more harmful then walking barefoot a summer day getting tougher skin as you use them more….

I haven’t read more than 150 hours Biology at collage level so I am no expert, do we have anyone who is in this forum?

Restarting everything.

Let’s not forget that doctors (ok, plastic surgeons) recommend hanging after their PE surgery. And urologists actually prescribe penis pumps to treat impotence.

Also there are pumpers that have been around for well over a decade that are perfectly healthy.

IMO what we do can’t be nearly as dangerous as the surgery being performed on some men. While it is difficult to find PE surgery success stories, non-surgery PE seems to be producing a lot of positive results for a lot of different people. From my point of view the PE risk / reward ratio looks very favorable.


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