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Living With Herpes

Living With Herpes

I know this is in the wrong section, however I can only start a new thread here. The other day I was diagonsed with genital herpes and I was wondering how does everyone infected with this virus live. Love life? Day to day life? friends? Future Goal? or even Peing for that matter? Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t have it, but a TON of people do. You’ll be fine. It’s one of those things no one talks about, or admits to having, but trust me, you already know people who have it. It is easily managed with medication and diet these days.

BHT mixed with Tea Tree Oil is supposed to work like magic topically. pro and con on ingesting it mostly pro another pro article

The other thing that shows tremendous promise is Vitamin D3 and herpes; I recommend at least 4000-6000 IU /day, make sure its D3 not just D.

Good luck!

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