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Does anybody have any links to site that show different positions and such? As well as how to perform them and what not.

web search

shonen - I moved your thread here since it’s the place to talk about sex. I assume you mean sexual positions? Here is a search for “sexual positions.” While it is heavy with book reviews, you still might find a link to a web site with some ideas for you.

Found this in the above mentioned search. Do Aussies do it differently that everyone else. :leftie:

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There is a fine line between knowing what you are doing and being mechanical. Learn, but understand that it is only a guideline. In the real world it is more important to go with the flow than to move through positions A through Z. What you learn should be used to get things moving, things should take on a sort of momentum after a while. If things start to slow down or the excitement wanes a bit, go back to the fancy moves you’ve learned until momentum builds again. Let the moves come naturally and enjoy it. You know more than you think already - ironically, your concern for detail tells me that you already know a thing or two. You aren’t putting on a show.

Heaven forbid you should download a book in pdf form on Kazaa or anything like that. Such actions would be a violation of copyright law. Its really a shame that it is so easy to do.

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