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Hello everybody. I would appreciate your thoughts on this..I’ll try to be clear with my explanation..

The location is not on the head, not on the sensitive skin below the head, but rather on the darker wrinkly area of skin that comes from circumcision.
There are two spots about 1/16th in diameter somewhat circular in shape, and about 1/8 or a little less apart. Normally the skin there is dark but these spots are actually light as though they were bleached. They seemed a little dry and they can itch just a little if I touch them or when the warm water of the shower hits. These spots are not exactly bumps, the skin has the same texture as usual, wrinkly like a brain, they are just very slightly puffed up a bit.

It can’t be an STD unless I got it by magic, and the only thing I’ve put on it is some lightening cream, but it’s not exactly out of the ordinary since I had tried the stuff a long time ago. Recently I have not even touched it except to piss.

I just took a shower and it seems a bit dryer than before, like in the future there might be a scab or dry skin to come off. So maybe this is for nothing. It just worries me that they appeared for no apparent reason. I guess my biggest fear is that it could be skin cancer. I know my dick isn’t big enough that I can afford to have pieces cut off, haha.

Sorry for the long post,

Maybe your “lightener” is a little too strong for the fragile skin of your penis? It is also possible to develop an allergy to something you’ve used in the past with impunity.

Just curious: Why use a skin lightener on your unit?



It seems to have darkened over the last couple years, discoloration I think. I thought that might be a gentle way to make it lighter. It’s not any kind that burns the top layer of skin off, as with a wart remover.

I thought I would update this. They look slightly more dry kind of like they could scab. However they look a little bit bigger too. Also, one of them is expanding left. The skin next to it looks a touch dry and it’s starting to look lighter like the other parts did. Also, I noticed a tiny spot towards the base. I haven’t been putting creams or anything on myself… This is freaking me out a little. I wish I could take a picture.

Dude it sounds like you should show a doctor soon if it doesn’t clear up.

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I did some reading and found a picture here (…tinfection.html ) that looked similar. It’s the last one, but not nearly that spread out. I rather it be that instead of cancer…but still.

It said you get it from sex, or Nonoxynol-9, or a weakened immune system. None of these things fit me. The only thing that comes to mind is that when I sit at the computer, I like to have a space heater under the desk to keep warm. Maybe having all that heat going on could cause it?

So I tried going to the doctor today but he wasn’t in. And since I haven’t been there for a while I need to be reinstated as a new patient. I got some pictures though.

Sorry about that, Thunder. Well I don’t have the pictures anymore, but I think what I have is jock itch, even though there’s no itch. It’s probably a fungus, the same or similar to what Thunder said earlier. So I went and got some Lamisil AT for jock itch at Rite Aid. I’ve been putting it on for a couple days. The spots aren’t really dry anymore and they don’t seem to be growing so I’m happy right now. I wouldn’t say it’s resolved but I feel better about it at the moment.

Didn’t mean to make a fuss about what is probably nothing, but it scared the hell out of me for a little bit. At the very least, hopefully this thread will be useful to somebody who gets this for the first time.

Thank you for the replies. :)


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