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Leaky valves in the Corpora Cavernosa weak erections


Leaky valves in the Corpora Cavernosa weak erections

Hey Guys. I’m fairly new to this site and have replied to and posted some information relative to my early attempts at P.E. With pumping. Some damage was done to my penis as I overdid it in my determination to have a bigger one. Most of that occurred in my late thirties and early forties. I stopped pumping as I had a lot of prostate irritation due to excessive pumping, excessive pressure against the fat pad, and holding the air hole shut to maintain the erection long term. Anyhow, all that is in the past. I’m now 56 and got divorced two years ago. I met a girl and started having E.D issues. At first I though it was psychological due to the breakup of the marriage and all the emotion that went with it, but finally went to a urologist. His diagnosis was quite simple. Due to my age I was experiencing leakage of blood in the penis chambers . I could get an erection but lost it very fast and couldn’t get it back. My girlfriend is extremely sexy and looks great naked, and yet I found myself totally embarrassed when this started happening. The timing couldn’t have been worse. I had no erection problems with the ex but as soon as I hooked up with Marie (my new girl) it started. She’s been great though and we do well with sex thanks to the E.D medications, I do not want to take this stuff forever and I would like to find a natural solution to this problem I’ve read posts where guys have stated that after for a while they have had firmer erections. To date I know of no surgery to rebuild the deteriorating tissue in the Corpora Cavernosa. Any and all input is welcome.


There are surgeries, but they are not 100% effective (see studies linked above). I know of no “natural” way to fix a Doppler diagnosed venous leak (I say Doppler diagnosed because many guys here self-diagnose based on limited knowledge of penile anatomy and physiology. They think they have - take your pick - venous leakage, thrombosed veins, ED at 19, etc.).

Have you tried a constricting cock (not cock and ball) ring?

Thanks so much for the info. I looked at the sites you listed. I continue to be thankful for all the knowledge and experience of the members here.

The urologist described the tissue as losing it’s elasticity and ability to trap the blood as we age, hence weak or non sustained erections. I never heard of any of this before, but his diagnosis seems to make sense in the light of what’s happening to me. I assume this is why some guys use trap and keep the blood in the chambers. Good firm erections are all contingent on the blood supply to the Corpora Cavernosa. In response to westla 90069, I tried using one of those devices but I don’t think it worked too good. Perhaps this is due to the quality of the was a fairly cheap one.more like a big rubber band.

Are you right with ED medication?

My thought is better Cialis and Viagra than surgery.

Best wishes.

Just thought I’d bring this up, although it may have nothing to do with your problem. There’s been a few threads linking the amount of smooth muscle in the penis to erection quality. Your doctor mentioned that the leaky valves occur more frequently as men go older; smooth muscle in the penis degrades as men go older. Someone can jump in if they think I’m wrong, but have you worked on increasing your smooth muscle by doing girth exercises? Ie slow jelks, clamping, etc.

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Increasing smooth muscle mass in the penis

Foo, I was thinking the same thing. Except I was thinking “hair of the dog that bit you”!

I was thinking that what might be good for you, if deteriorating smooth muscle is truly what is happening, to go back to pumping, except THIS TIME no high vacuum, I would suggest no higher than 3 in hg. Start with 5 minutes a day and when your EQ starts to improve (IF it starts to improve) slowly increase the TIME but not the vacuum.

If deteriorating smooth muscle is the problem, this MIGHT help.

Hi rrunner,

I’m sorry to hear that you still have an ED problem, but I am glad to hear you are still working at it.

I’m just trying to get a handle on your time-line; you tried pumping about 15 years ago which you feel did some damage, however you continued to have (fairly ?) good erections for the duration of your marriage. Then two years ago you got a divorce - one question; did you have sex right up to the divorce? I.e. what was the duration between you having your last successful sexual experience (no subsidence) and realising that you have ED or (leakage) problems?

If that period was in and around 2 years, I would find it very peculiar that your penis EQ would diminish so quickly by the natural aging process as your urologist describes. Were you PE-ing during this period?

I tend to beat the psychological drum a lot; but I think in your case (and in mine) it has to be the most likely reason, and definitely it’s worth at the very least ruling out prior to having surgery.

Obviously, I understand the necessity of the medical profession and the doctors who specialise in different areas, however, I do have major misgivings; I think there is a tendency for such specialists ‘to justify their fees’. These guys are trained to seek the physical reason for a problem and many hold very little water in the believe that the mind can be a major contributing factor to many physical problems – i.e. they are not skilled to solve the problem but another profession such as a psychologist would be; this doesn’t sit well with many so called experts. This arrogance is obvious when you consider their total dismissive attitude towards natural PE.

I would be very interested if you can take the time to explain what tests the urologist carried out. Did he diagnose you based on a myriad of tests or did he listen to your symptoms, factor in your age and do some basic tests? If the answer is the latter; I would be very sceptical about such a diagnosis.

I continue to experience similar problems but I have seen some improvement, but not a lot. In fact my EQ is so bad I am unable to tell if I am having negative PI’s from my PE routine.

I often thought that it would be amazing if some Urologist was prepared to offer their services to this forum either to raise their profile or for a fee etc. Obviously, they would have to believe in natural PE; I wonder is there any who openly do believe in it?

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Coincidently I got ED (venous leakage aslo) at about age 56.

The right kind of cock ring could benefit you. Usually the ED drugs are enough to counteract it, though. I get a much better response from Viagra and Levitra than from Cialis, but that just may be me.

Since you are no stranger to pumping, maybe read this thread for some ideas on changing your technique around. Pumping more sensibly, and regularly, could give you much better arterial efficiency and cancel out a degree of the leakage.

Unless the degree of leakage is very high, they don’t like to correct it surgically on us older guys. The initial response may be good, but there is a higher rate of recidivism than on younger men. If you fall into the low to moderate range of leakage, the standard treatments work well. Pumping at low HG and in a different manner has helped me a lot.



Irishman 79. Good to hear from you.. Actually you raise a good point. Just prior to the divorce I noticed the quality of the erections diminishing somewhat, but I always managed to have successful intercourse with the ex. Experiencing going soft with my new girl is something that never happened to me before with the ex., at least not to the degree where I couldn’t penetrate. I’m not ruling out the psychological factor. The urologist did not conduct extensive tests. He checked the penis for sensitivity, listened to my symptoms and came up with his diagnosis. I truly never thought this would happen to me, I always had a fairly good sex life. Anyhow, in response to mark 001 the Viagra works good for me and I have good sex with it. The problem is I’ve started to depend on the stuff and it’s bothering me. It’s a blow to my ego for sure as I’ve never had to rely on this stuff before, not to mention the damn stuff is so expensive. I tried going the herbal route with penis pills. I wasted a lot of time and money with that bullshit. In response to avocet 8 I will look at the info you provided. I am determined to overcome this problem one way or another. I think some of us are so eager for gains in length and girth we do tend to overdo it. Moderate pumping according to your experience may help. I do have a pump available, but it’s a cheap model, no gauges or anything. Actually I think before I get into that I’m going to do more reading and research on it. Once again I’m thankful for this site. I know I’ve come to the right place for these issues.

Hi to avocet8. I read your thread. What kind of pump do you use. Make and model? The one I got doesn’t have enough of a cushion base and hence causes minor pain against the fat pad area.

Runner have you tried Viagra, cialis or ? I think this in combination with pumping would help a lot.

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Yes. I indicated in my post that I have good sex with the Viagra. The thing that really bothers me is I’ve become dependent on it for sex. It’s expensive as I have a lot of sex with my girl. Usually 6 to 8 times on the weekend. We only see each other during the week once and have intercourse at least twice then. I’ve been doing light jelqs and stretches, and only take a half of 100 mg. at a time. Just getting hard enough to penetrate is O.K. as she has a somewhat tight one, not as tight as I want but good enough to give decent sensation and hence sustain the erection. Even though I split the pill, the frequency of sex has been costly in terms of dollars spent on the stuff. When I went to the urologist he gave me samples of Cialis and levetria. Viagra is definitely more potent and works the best on an empty stomach. Cialis did absolutely nothing for me?? I want to get off the stuff if possible . Right now I am receiving good input from the guys on this site and am currently following up on some of their suggestions. Thanks for your interest.

Kingpole…by the way carrying an 8 inch stick is very impresive. What did you start out with? I noticed your a senior member hence you must have been at this for a while???

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